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  • AJH did point that out right at the beginning
  • Yup, that's my reason for not relaying - one team this year split the costs differently - £50/£100/£100 - so that the swimmer paid less, but either way tis a jolly expensive day. Not that much more to do the whole thing! image

    Morning all!

  • The goodie bags were better for the volunteers !!
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    You're really selling it girls.


  • It is an expensive way to do it.

    I am going to sell a kidney, I will be a bit lighter then too image

  • Lol, Mouse, if you have the money, it would be a brilliant day out, and probably good race practice for calming nerves etc. Didn't want to sound negative. image
  • If when the time comes I can afford to do it then I will

    By the time entries open we will all have changed our minds one way or another anyway !!
  • As if people would change their minds about a relay and decide to do the whole thing!image

    Right, my month of not travelling is over....I'm orf to Ireland now, to be sure.....byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Safe trip Cas.

    I figured it would be the sharp end of £100 already.  I'm still willing to do the bike leg if anyone wants me.  No worries either way.  It's not a high pressure one anyway and won't fill the very second entries open.

  • Likewise Mousey ...

    begorrah Cas  image
  • Todays 'Muppetry Award' goes to the Lilac one ...  just wait until Mr Uno finds out you will be T.O.A.S.T !!
  • Relays are so this year, and theyre for gaylords.

  • I might think about doing the swim last minute if anyones desperate but £100 I think £50,£100,£100 sounds fair value for money wise.
  • 50/100/100 sounds like a fair split to me !
  • Hmm... think I will have to take a view too, on the money front! Especially if the goody bag is better for vols - LOL!
  • It is a bit early days yet tho,  they may not even be granted a second go   image
  • complete change of subject !!- well sort of, cas just reminded me of something

    for obvious reasons i have been going to norn iron for many years now
    when i first started going there were still bombs going off and soldiers on the streets, and you got searched and questioned every time you flew over and back etc

    the boys have grown up without any of that - the borders were opened up and the soldiers left not long after boy1 was born
    but now they are watching the news and seeing the bomb in derry - which is 2 miles from where my mil lives, and the apprentcie boys march with barriers on the streets - where we ususlly go shopping
    we are having to have some "interesting" discussions in our house
    they are worried about going back

  • To change the subject again,

    Lurker, ive not sent you my cheque sorry, its written out, but in the office in Halifax (im not there at the mo), will post this week.
  • ok

    i knew we would get it eventually image
    i am away from saturday for 2 weeks so if it arrives aftert hat it won't be paid in for a while

  • Lurker would it help to find some clips on You Tube for them of the previous troubles?

    And why are they referred to as 'troubles' ?

  • don't know really - people say "sorry for your troubles" when someone dies in the north
    so i suppose it's like that

  • I suppose so, and in the absence of any better words


  • Ah, time for elevenses then? image

    It's good to talk about those things though - I guess if people forget how awful it was last time round, they don't realise how important it is to avoid going back?

    On a different scale, but that's why they preserve places such as Auschwitz, and why, although it feels like a very strange place to be a tourist, it's so important that it is kept in the wider memory - on one of the plaques there, it says 'forever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity'. 

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