The Psychiatric Wing



  • how about an ultra?? a nice off road one with lots of hills and a cafe half way round that sells bacon rolls and tea, I would join you for that!!
  • The bob graham??
  • Actually seeing as next year i will be 42 and he did it to commemorate his 42nd birthday, it would be fitting for me to have a go. But seeing as I am crap running up and down hills and have the directional abilities of a blindfolded lemming, probably not the best idea.
  • >>>>>SHUDDUP<<<<<
    <sticks fingers in ears>

    that's an 'one day' for me, but i need to get a lot better at navigating first!
  • missed most of the good ones :¬(
  • I must admit I had no interest in the BG untill last night when I started reading feet in the clouds, if I ever write a book about my exploits I will call it 'feet in the mouth'
  • just looked at this years 3 peaks results, awful lot of dnfs
  • i think you should do an ultra haile, and enter it at 12 days notice. like i did today :-)

  • er no I have already been talked into enough ultras thank you!
  • oh

    i thought i was in the club house
    wrong thread obviously


  • lol haile there is a barbers in ealing called Scissors Palace
  • I have a meeting for tomorrow cancelled so I might be able to get the piccies back in the afternoon after all
  • Huzzah!

    Looking forward to seeing them - a couple of me getting onto the bike (before), and on the last hill after the traffic lights (after)
    Cheers honey.
  • swam this morning could now be bothered with the boring old pool so went to the park next door and did a couple of laps of the lake.

    for lake* see small pond
  • just stop winging and get on with it,
  • is that winging as in winging it?

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