The Psychiatric Wing



  • And heres me thinking im going to get help !!!
  • no problems this end
  • get a grip! i suppose this is the psychiatric wing though!
  • dooo bee doo bee doo
    I am picking up my piccies at lunch time

    dooo beee dooo bee doo
  • Smiffy - "if I ever write a book about my exploits I will call it 'feet in the mouth'"

  • the same coachi expects me to get out 4 times a week and go to the gym haile

    he has no grip on reality

  • the ones of you can only be beautiful in a very unique kind of way ;o)
  • Oh so here we all are and I thought you were keen on - moving on....letting go and entering a brave new world or something like that Haile

    Mmmm well.....


    I am definately planning for Roth next year and either Almere/inde UK depending on timescales and Hanneke

    I also plan to be two stone lighter by the end of the year - like I haven't said that before

    Might do a half at the end of September

    I don't feel part of this anymore..... :-(
  • oooohhh some good piccies

    Duck G, Maddie, Mark I have photos of you but not your email addresses + a stunning one of the swim setting with the sun coming up.
    Email me and I will pass them on's on its way handsome! ;o)

    2 are very funny: one of 2T and one of Haile makes them look very gay....well nothing wrong with being in touch with your feminine side
  • oooohh nice quote but I don't know the answer.

    Haile for some unknown reason once I save the photos on the PC the resolution is not as strong but if you make them about 50-75% it is a bit better
  • Yes sent them ages ago. However since between 2 pm and 3.30 pm we got no email there might be a back log in our file server or at bt connect
  • bacharac???
  • Hailie I would like to remind you that I am one of the few on that thread thats doesn't have a "friend with benefits"

    If you've been over there so often why don't you join in ;-)
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