The Psychiatric Wing



  • arrrummpppfff

    ppppffff I is getting knackered....pppfffff
  • Hannabelle would love you Haile
  • tee hee hee actually the funniest one is 2T when he was checking his bike at looks like he is doing a model's pose as he was caught mid running with your wrists up in the air is nothing by comparison
  • tee hee hee och tis not that bad really tis not....just looks like you are about to have a wee dance
  • I am off in 5 mns so you will probably get the photos by midnight?
  • haile - can you send me them when you get them please

  • Einstein, every one knows that!
  • i knew

    i was being ironic!!!!!
  • and thanks to my irony i am stuck with the line

    "wives should always be lovers too" - as penned by the aforesaid bert - whizzing round my head


  • so if i had given you the right answer(which i knew all along obviously).......

  • i'm just about to leave for the running club, i'm wearing 2T's pirate top.

    who wants to take bets on what lurker has to say about me wearing it...?
  • poseur

  • or

    isn't that a bit snug M?


  • darn

    i didn't think of that

    he managed to keep his tummy sucked in for the whole of a speedy rep session


    (he made that joke first BTW - i just pinched it cos i know he is stood in the bar and nowhere near a computer)

  • lurks, you pinched my punch line.

    i was a bit naugther tonight firstly i made everyone do an extra rep, secondly i took over one section of runners, but..

    " i do like the sound of my own voice"

  • i really must think about an image change...

    spent 10 minutes before our run, disscussing with 3 lady memebers,the best way to shave your legs and how to apply fake tan.
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