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  • I know, but the muscle and fascia have connections to other muscles, and these can become tight as a result of a tight IT band (or tighten the IT band themselves).

    I always used to get my ITB pain under the knee, top of hte shin muscle, which is why it went undiagnosed for so long (that and crap physios)
  • erm
    i bend the knee so that the foot is next to my bum

    sort of like crossing your legs but with the leg underneath flat to the ground
    i will have another look and see if i can find a picture

    M1 thinks it looks freaky but i think it works

    2t - kind of like "your hip bone's connected to your thigh bone, your thigh bone's connected to your knee bone etc etc" :-)

  • i do, it sounds much nicer than the day i have planned

    i have to go to work in the morning and then an appointment at the womens hospital in the afternoon

    anyone want to know why???

    thought not


  • Scafell Pike eh? Couldn't be bothered doing a real montain?
  • :oD

    Actually, there's a lovely hill near Avimore with a cafe within spitting distance of the top. And a monorail running to the restaurant. A pat on the back when I summitted that bugger, and a look of horror as 30 5 year olds ran past me on a school trip...

    Pah. You want to get your arse up An Teallach. I can act as guide if you're interested. Less 'Touching the void' and more 'Touching the Cloth'. That was a bit grim in winter.

    I actually went for a little swim tonight - wasn't really up for it but went in
  • i bin running


  • WOW Lurker have you ever thought of logging onto a running website or something
  • That's the one Haile - the majority consider it to be the most stunning mountain in Scotland, and I have to say that I agree with the majority. Haven't done the 'scramblers' route over the pinnacles, was planning on doing it this summer, but my mate's become a bit busy, so I'll have to leave it to next time.
  • It's absolutely gorgeous. And I saw it in low visibility. There's a massive corrie loch underneath the pinnacles, it's truly massive.
  • Right, enough hill chat. I've got a date with some chips n dips, and 2 slices of raspberry cheesecake.
  • mmm no thanks
  • I'm still reeling after that thread you linked from tritalk with the feet. No thanks.
  • That's as maybe, but it's all warm and fluffy in here. Duvets and hot cocoa for me, ta.
  • happy in my cocoon thanks

    there is a more horrible picture of someones feet after the GUCR - yuck!
  • Feet is Lurkers thing - i would rather not see most peoples - even my own!!
  • Mmmmm, feet. All my blisters have now hardened into callouses. The best thing I ever did for my tootsies was wearing boots every day since age 10. They're not pretty, but they're fairly indestructible.

    How is everyone else doing with recovery? I've been taking it really easy ( out of 7 days rest), yet I was riding down to the shops for ice cream yesterday, and my legs were fecked. Do I need to get out and train again to restore some of the feeling into them?
  • (5 out of 7 days rest)
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