National Aquathlon - Salford



  • So did Jonny C so what??
  • yeah but has jonny c laughed at other people (hollywood) for doing it?
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    brlliant stuff Spans..........and that's after your first Duathlon podium finish at London last year.........

    now I reckon if Spans could ride a bike she could be dangerous........


  • jonny c - I taught Spans everything she knows :o)
  • ironergo - get some sugar inside you - that was almost like you were standing up for me - you can't be well!
  • Well done Spans! I can just imagine you chasing down those other girls that had the temerity to be infront of you!

    Very funny! Brilliant effort!
  • Ergo - thanks love, I have left a space on the fridge for the piccie when it arrives

    H. - no comment!
  • woooohooooo! speedyspans!! But we knew dat...

  • oh I have just remembered that I had meant to add to my report a thanks to Rosey, as his top tip from his race report re:starting his watch early was a fab idea... the 30 sec countdown I think was more like 20, but at least that way I didn't have to try and start my watch and try and stop myself from drowning at the same time!!... thank you :)
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