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Morning all


  • Hi mate, you still up?
  • ok, gotta kip now. Take care folks....will drop in tomorrow, but on a course. so don't know what time.
  • Morning all. No exercsie to speak of for three weeks and I wake up with stiff calves - bizarre! Now seriously considering a trip to the gym before work.
  • hello will
    nice to see you back
    im on call today:(
  • Morning all (Mr Barkles pops in the middle of the night!).

    Actually did a run on Tuesday, 4-5 miles good pace (with a fellow forumite from the next village), felt really good but stiff calves yesterday. Hope to go out again today but also need to cut hedge down - decisions, decisions.

    Have a happy working day (I'll be thinking of you - tee hee)
  • Pixie? What Pixie? I never see'd no Pixie, Your Honour.

    Good morning peeps. This machine seems to be working this morning.

    Nick, please will you cut my hedge while you've got that chainsaw in your hand?

  • God what a lot of rubbish I spouted last night. Apologies for calling you a Girlie V-Rap.
  • I just assumed you were confusing me with someone else, BK. And I was surrounded by heart-shaped shortbread biscuits at the time.
  • Heart-shape shortbread. Mr V-raps early Valentines present?

    When I reach 40 do I have to grow up?
  • Mr V-rap only got the chocolate-covered bowls to scrape out, BK. The biscuits were for the little raptorlings to take to school and feed to their classmates.

    By 40 you'll have done the sensible growing-up stuff - it's all downhill from there. Yippee! Too young to start choosing a nursing home, too old to bother starting to cotribute to a pension. Life will be good.
  • BK my big bro was 40 a couple of weeks ago and I bought him a pop-up goal so he could play football in the back garden......so no you don't have to grow up when you're 40 (if you haven't by now, then why should one particular day make a difference?!!)
  • I never really became 30 because the event was swamped by a much bigger one - Ivor was born just a few days before. I might try to arrange something similar to avoid becoming 40. Let's see...March 2004 minus nine months...
  • Can't say it bothers me too much - just a good excuse for a party, mind you ask me again in a few years time
  • Hey V-rap. Blackpool's in June!! I'll be there!!

  • V-Rap, just checked my diary and I'm available. Morning or afternoon?
  • Oh, yes, a party. You're all invited, second weekend in March 2004. The house should be extended by then, and the new plaster should have had time to dry. Bring a few cans of beer and a paintbrush. I'll provide the gingerbread and the lurid pink (oh, yes, no hang-ups about artificial colourings in the Raptor household) heart-shaped shortbread.
  • morning everyone,

    I think you start young grow up, then realise thats cr@p the regress back.

    Currently I'm at the being a grown up stage and it is rubbish so I wouldn't bother.
  • Chimp - thinking about blackpool. Might enter today.
  • Ooh, decisions, decisions. One who's been snipped or one who is too scared to be snipped and therefore might have some 'fraidy-cat genes which would be a bit hazardous for an already endangered species? Hmmm...
  • Nice one Tulips!
  • You DO keep a forum spreadsheet V-Rap!!!!
  • V-Rap are you keeping notes on me? I bet if we raided your office we'd find files on every forumite.
  • Snap Chimp! I would have beaten you but I typed "flies" instead of "files"!
  • No worries DB.

    Great minds and all that.
  • BTW, no flies on me but by God you can see where they've been!
  • Morning fitties.
  • Morning anyone who's about
  • Morning filbert and Will
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