Next Month's Runners World

Why complain about this months RW when you can complain about next months now ! No need to read it, wait a month or even subscribe. Just slate it here, and once you get it move on to the next issue.

Simple really.


  • So ....

    Me for one, I don't like the cover model and the feature on Page 27, they can not be serious can they ?

    Strewth !
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    And its not even next month's issue: mine arrived today saying September (I can read it throught the unopened wrapper). My calendar tells me it is still July, so I make it the month after next's edition. This has always annoyed me!
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  • I have never read it and probably never will. Can I still complain about it?

  • Yes Keesey, this thread is for people just like you.
  • Wait for the April 2009 issue it's shit...

  • Peronally I don't like the layout of page 179. Uuuugh. How awful.
  • Is there a competition to win a trip to a snake infested swamp?
  • I think the cover pic of that beach volleyball player was an inspired choice acsherly...
  • My Fav Run? Call that running! Come on RW Towers how about some real running through council estates etc ......

  • I have always wanted to see a pic of a Rave Run, with glow-sticks, a big bonfire and loads of moshed people in the background.
  • And that bloke who wrote the letter about you-know-what, give over mate. No-one here cares about your daft opinions.
  • I thought the article on one legged running was very poorly researched.

    Practitioners of the art can tell you that you should only switch legs twice a mile. any more than that you are running with two legs really.
  • Yeah you're right Alehouse. We always get next month's issue anyway. WHY do they do that.

    So I actually need to review October's issue.

    I know the clocks go back in October but why do they also wheel out the same review in Gear about fluorescent jackets and head torches. Mind you the cover picture of the lady wearing nothing but a fluorescent jacket was a vast improvement on anything they have done before although I wish she would lift her knees higher when she runs ....
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