Windsor Half Marathon

Beer tent anyone?


  • there is already a thread - but i can't bleedin find it at the moment

    give me a minute


  • found it
    not sure why it is not attached
    perhaps RW could sort that for us

  • aha - and i recognise you from last year


  • Lurker where is the thread, and are you sure it was me as there where a lot of Gorillas around that day! well in London anyway.
  • didn't you do windsor as well?

  • it's in "events" bit should be near the top of "latest posts" as i have just boinged it again

  • yes that was me, and it was bloody hard work
  • have you found the thread yet?

    BB is organising it as she did last year
  • im really scared to run hills, are they that bad, its my first half marathon and i hate hills! Help
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