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  • I know this is a really old thread, but I thought some of you may be interested to know that we've just started an online running shop and ALL our products are Made in Britain.

    We have some good ones already and some more in the pipeline, but we are looking for more manufacturers of running products Made in Britain and preferrably British companies. If anyone has any suggests of good British manufacturers we'd be really glad to hear about them.

    Thanks, Teresa,

  • Why does made in Britain mean ethical. Maybe we shouldn't let people in Bangladesh make our shoes and instead let them sweat in the fields trying to grow a bit of rice to eat. Surely its more ethical to let other countries develop and then their citizens might get the things that we enjoy like a varied diet, health care, democracy, leisure time and running shoes.
  • Because we have minimum wage, Health and Safety, COSHH regs, a minimum age that people can work at, no forced labour and independant bodies that assess such things.  How's that for starters ?   Dunno about the rest of your piece.

  • Aside from the ethical stance, it just makes no sense to ship products half way round the world where we have prefectly good products which are made in Britain. I know this isn't he case for everything, but there are some very good products sprining up in the UK now. shouldn't we all at least consider these?

    In addition to that it's a lot more climate friendly to use products made on your doorstep.


  • People want to work in factories in third world countries cos its preferable to them than eeking out a subsistence living in rural areas. We tend to have a rosy picture of the peasant who happily works in the field but this isn't reality. As countries develop, social legislation such as a minimum wage and health and safety rules tend to be introduced.
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