Sports Drink

I've been running for 4 months now and am slowly building up the miles aim is the FLM next year.

I've been using Lucozade and more recently Isostar before an after with a bottle of water while I'm running.

Recently I've seen the advert for Maximuscles products VIPER and RECOVER - are these any good and are they value for money ?


  • Last RW had a good article on sports drinks. I use Maxim original which is good for giving a few carbos whilst running. I used to use Isostar but found that it made me thirsty unless it was diluted far more than it said on the label, and it didn't do much for energy replacement. Thing is, most of these sports drinks are pretty expensive and probably unneccesary unless you're out for 60-90 mins plus, or are running low on energy anyway.
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