Alternative to carbo gels

Does anyone have an alternative to carbo gels ? I cant stomach the stuff it makes me whant to hurl but I feel I could do with the lift


  • Monique reckons Love Hearts or Parma Violets !
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Some people use jelly beans or opal fruits/ starburst. You could try isotonic drinks like Luco sport which will be available on the day.
  • I take either Joosters, Jelly Beans, Jelly Babies and the Glucose Tablets (Boots or Dextrosol brand). I do tend to try to force down the odd gel but like you find them quite disgusting. By the way there are lots of generous spectators at FLM handing out all manner of goodies so practice your sweet grabbing skills!!
  • Starburst Joosters work for me - much tastier than gels and seemingly easier for my stomach to digest. Only downside is they get a bit sticky after a couple of hours.
  • I would be very careful about taking on anything other than water. I trained last year for the FLM and used various sports drinks and kept on getting stomach cramps after about 8 miles. On the day I stuck to water, except at the last lucozade station where it gave me a real lift without having to worry about the cramps. Whatever you use you must try it out - preferably at a race.
  • If you can arrange for someone to pass it to you, Rice Pudding is fantastic. I used to take it on very long bike races. Very yummy but my bike looked awful at the end
  • i've heard some people like hard candies, but be careful!! i almost choked on the darn thing when i tried it.
  • Gary - the thought of 33000 people trying to neck a tin of Ambrosia as they round the Cutty Sark!
  • You can make a sort of gel by stewing cooking apples with brown sugar and powdered glucose (from Boots). This combination incorporates an immediate boost as well as slower released fuel. I take it on all long bike rides. How to carry it on a run?
    Check out
    Thesy are available from online or by telephone mail order (0700 874854)
  • Otherwise:
    Jelly Babies
    Wine Gums
    Jelly (cubes from the supermarket - not made up)
    Dried Figs, apricots, dates
    Pickled Eggs (not really)
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