Loseley Park Cancer Research UK 10k

cealceal ✭✭✭
I have just entered this race, it is fairly near to where I live. I don't usually enter hilly races, but I am assuming that the scenery will be worth the hills:-))


  • Hi Ceal,

    I live over near Basingstoke, so Loseley I think was my closest CR 10k race. I entered it about a month ago, but am a bit nervous, I started running this year and must admit being slightly addicted if not particularly good. Loseley Park is beautiful, so I'm hoping the scenery will keep my mind off the hills ;-p

    Have you done 10k before? Do you think the pack will be fast?
  • Well I will be doing it and wont be fast at all so see you at the back!
  • Yey-Hey!
    Me and Jonny-Mac bringing up the rear!

    Had such a bad run today, ready to pack it all in, so now I'm freaking that I will not be able to do this, because its a morning thing, I do all my training at night and todays morning attempt was truelly abortive.

    Tell me adrenalin will carry through on the day?!
    Tell me its only in my head?!
    Tell me anything that will keep me going....
  • Ok - how about this:

    It IS only in your head...you CAN do it....and I will be there on the day if you need moral support.

    But lets look into it more...

    How far are you running? When do you feel bad? Are you trying to go at a certain pace? Have you eaten/drank enough beforehand? If your energy levels are low, running can be complete hell (I have found in my huuuuge 2 months experience!!)

    I have no interest whatsoever in pace at present, I just wanna make it round and it sounds like you do too. The question then is this: Would you be able to WALK 10k? Ok....Would you be able to jog REALLY SLOWLY for maybe an hour and a half????

    IF the answer to the above two questions is yes, then I reckon you have NO WORRIES AT ALL.

    See ya at the back. ;-j

  • Hey there Jonny-Mac,

    Ok here's your more...
    It was my house to the gym, 7.5K on a run 12mins, walk 3mins repeat a further 4 times. I did the first 12, just. I got half way through the second, barely ran for more than a few minutes at a time in the third and lost count of what I was doing in the last. It was just a nightmare. I had really felt I was making progress, I feel yesterday just reset me back to square one. I felt totally crap.
    (When I got to the gym I did 5 minutes on the treadmill before my weigths to make myself feel better).

    The only redeeming feature of yesterday was last time I did that rout it took 63mins this time only 54 and a quarter.(small smile :-))

    I felt bad from the off but really struggled around the 20minute mark and just couldn't pull it back.

    Pace... whats pace?! I'm just thrilled if I can do it.

    Eaten nothing... drank about 300ml water.

    Energy low... but it always is when I try and train in the morning, maybe because of the lack of sustenance. Sudden realisation that Loseley is in the morning made me think I should do more practise in the morning and I'm crap at it. Just don't think I'm built for morning runs, it worries me that most races are morning affairs, does that mean I won't be able to take part?

    Yes I can walk 10k, I'd like to jog the whole thing, but even if I can't do that, so long as I get round thats all I care about. I was aiming for around about 1hr 12mins.
    I think its do-able. I just don't wanna cry and vomit in a bush...

    I'll stop blabbing now, I'm off to attempt this running lark again. Thanks Jonathan :-D
  • We are veering slightly off-topic now and into training regime as oppossed to Losely Park - however - although I am no expert, I have felt as you feel and the things that sorted me out were:

    1. Getting used to morning runs (at the least do one on a Sunday)

    2. Train on time rather than distance - build up from 20mins to 30mins and so forth

    3. Start REALLY slow and ignore speed

    4. Read up on diet advice - keep your carbs high

    5. Finally - what really helped me was reading loads of books on other peoples experiences - made me feel I want alone!

    Email me if you like, and also check out the training threads in this site.

  • My number is 2772 - see you all on the day - got the T-Shirt through too (nice and tight around the neck I found which is nice....)
  • Actually - I am number 470...wrong number sent!
  • I was thinking that seemed an awful high number for a race with only 800-1000 people taking part! I am number 133.

    Its is a great T-shirt isn't it, only slightly strangulating!
    Should look cool with everyone in the same kit though.

  • I'm running this and am a bit worried about the prospect of that 'long steep hill' the website mentions. How long and how steep? No t run this far before (though up to 5 miles in training now) and hills are my downfall!

  • Hello Lizzy M.

    Join my panic, I can't run it non-stop. I just about manage 30 mintues before I need a walking break. I attempted a full 10k the other day, cause I haven't run that far yet either (in the morning too, my least favourite training time) I did it in the atrocious time of 1hr 20mins. My problem is I get half way round and wanna quit.

    You sound like you have no worries. The hills are easy, you just look down at your feet and pound the pavement, slower but steady and sure. Worst case senario, I'm bound to be behind you, so I'll just push you up.

  • I'm glad that I'm not the only one unconcerned with speed and more concerned with making it round! I'm always at the back at my running club but slow and steady works for me every time!

    This is my first 10km, I ran an 8km in Windsor last weekend and as per Fruit-Bats comment, I hope adrenalin will keep me going to the end!!
  • 1 hour 20 mins doesn't sound that bad to me! I'm aiming for about 1 hour 10 mins and that's with running it all!

    Less than a week to go - eek!

  • I did 55mins yesterday at the Julian Farrel 10k in my home town and it absolutely killed me....

    It is absolutely the LAST time I run that fast...ridiculous.

    I did it to myself to be honest...stupid male pride of wanting to keep up with the quick guys/gals...and, being scared of being last in the pack....why?....NEVER AGAIN.

    This weekend in Guildford is gonna be nothing to do with time and frankly, I dont care if I am 1hr 30 or 5 hours....makes no difference....see you at the back.

  • That was so hard! The hills were really steep and I'm disappointed to say I had to walk half of the second hill and all of the third - I'd been so determined to run it all! I still managed 1:14:14 but that was probaby the hardest thing I've ever done in my life!

  • ....my issue was with the total mis-representation of the course: one steep hill and two shorter ones......yeah right...

    anyway - did a 1hr 10 and loved every minute except the horrible hills!!!
  • I loved the view from the top of the big hill, I could have sat there all day absorbing that scene. And what a gorgeous day we all had, couldn't have been better. (Happy Fruit-Bat!)
    Hey I walked all the hills :D but managed the semi-decent time of 1hr 17 (and that included a loo break half way round).

    It was very mis-represented though, all three hills where mammoth, theres nothing even close to them where I train, so I'm not ashamed to have walked up them. What about the near KM that was sand?! - Couldn't they have dropped in gravel instead, running on that was a new experience entirely. They where prompt to start us all off and I thought it was great fun, I'd do it again, because now I know what to expect.
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