Ear infection!!!!

Just come back from hols with a bad ear infection and swollen glands. I've been put on antibiotics and special ear spray. If I go running do you think it will add to the discomfort? (the winds effect, if you know what I mean!?)I don't want to make it any worse than it already is but after 2 week running break I feel (as do the scales) that I need to get back to it asap!!! Any advice really appreciated.


  • I'd take it easy - you might find your infection makes you a bit dizzy anyway and the wind certainly won't help. if you absolutely have to do something why not go to a spinning class or use rowing machine or something. at least then if you have a dizzy spell you wont fall and hurt yourself !!
  • Don't run - you're more likely to fall over than get any real benefit.

    I was told by a personal trainer at a gym that if you are on anti-biotics for any sort of infection then lay off the exercise until you have completed the course and then leave it a week to 10 days before going back to it, as otherwise you could just be opening yourself up to the infection again.

  • DON'T RUN!!! I had an ear infection last year, kept running even though I felt grotty and the infection wouldn't clear up because I just never rested enough to let my body fight the infection. Eventually the infection became so bad my eardrum burst (not recommended). I'm still deaf in one ear (probably need an op to fix it).

    Please just rest till you're completely better.
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