lower leg injury

I have developed pain at front of right leg especially right at the front of my tibia. I have not been to the doctors as my own gp is as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

Having done research and read RW book i think it is shin splints however pain is only 1 location. Have stopped running as a result as pain is too much. This has also stopped me playing soccer and rugby.

Does anybody have good fitness advice to keep fit.Eg stuff to do other than running. Is using a cross trainer at gym ok or does it harm leg to much. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Currently run 25-30 miles a week on roads wearing shoes for over pronation


  • Cycling and swimming seem to be the best and most suggested forms of cross training Andrew.
  • hi andrew i had similar problem couple of months ago ,i found cross trainer was ok as long as i didnt go backwards that killed my shin ,the rowing machine was also ok. i had same sort of milage and gp .i found rest, ice, phisio , new shoes and lots of streching the answer good luck! ruz
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