New Picture of BK for New Runner

Many thanks to Dog Walkers dad who took part of my new picture during the 12th kilometer of the Theale 10K race. The remainder is courtesy of DW who thought New Runner might appreciate the joke


  • Well you know how long they take! Or is it the maths you're wondering about?
  • The anticipation is killing me.
  • You said there was a joke there. Trouble is, I don't geddit. Explanation would be helpful, as I'm a bit slow on the uptake today.

    Oh yes, I can't work out the math either, (or is that the joke?)
  • The joke was in the picture and stems from the fact New Runner said she saw me at Burnham Beeches hanging around the portaloos.

    Re the distance they sent the first half of the field round a 2 km detour. Hence the picture shows no number as I didn't want my time recorded. Had the pleasure of running with Redhead which made up for it
  • I really don't think a piccy of you hanging around a toilet is a very good idea Alex.

    (If in any doubt, ask George Michael.)
  • Sorry, that should be Mike, not Alex.
  • Looks as if I've changed my name as well. Alexander Michael sounds different I suppose.

    What's in any reputation anyway, at least I'm wearing clothes
  • Stop Press!!! Blue Knees' knees are really blue! Hi Kids! hows it going? I was a little concerned I hadn't heard a peep this morning from any of you senior forumites!!!
  • Did you mean Senior or just plain old!
  • BK!!!!!!!!Well well well - what can I say except thank you!! Very funny indeed - particulary when I feel today like I spent most of the weekend in a drunken mess ( I did!) and therefore needed something to take the edge of the rather severe hangover! Laughed out loud when I saw this!
    And more to the point - back to running tonight - have rested properly for a full week and cant wait to get out there!
  • Weekends in a drunken mess, sounds very familiar.

    Remember don't overdo tonight and upset that muscle again
  • I wont - planning to get back to my schedule and do a gentle 3/4 miles - determined now to run really slow but to get the miles in...only 8 full weeks of training left before I taper down, pack up and fly off to the Big Apple! Going too quickly..!
  • Just plain old I guess! You can't say I didn't try to be polite now can you?!
  • Where has the portaloo gone????
  • I'm trying to leave that sordid bit of my past behind... if you'll let me forget it
  • You're past it what makes you who you are today. Bring back the portaloo or I'll start a national campaign (and groin was fine last night thanks for asking!)
  • So going back to the pants thing.... What are you going to do!!!? I trust you've explored all avenues?
  • JON!!
    Am now concerned about the weather in NY in Nov - could be a high chill factor...
  • I'm sure Concurve do Windstopper pants! They seem to do Windstopper everything else!

    Does the subject of underwear still play heavily on your mind?
  • So whats the portaloo story then?
  • Newrunner,

    I think you should auction your underwear when you return and donate the proceeds to charity. If it's a good cause I am willing to start the bidding at £10.

    I'm off to lie down now.
  • DavidB... I've read about people like you!
  • erm...shall we stop this particular conversation now?! UGH
  • Stop pretending to be disgusted... You love all this attention!
  • And the significance of the portaloo is?
  • Barkles - I missed meeting New Runner at the Burnham Beeches half although see said she saw me loitering around the portaloo area. Hence one thing becomes another and I've now got a reputation. It is really nothing to worry yourself about.

    Hows the running going?
  • Bk... So you spend your weekends hanging around outside portaloos, waiting for unsuspecting victims to dive in? Each to their own I suppose!
  • Do people really dive into portaloos? This sounds very dangerous. There are some strange people around; at least I only bid for underwear!
  • Well, ya know, Only dive when I'm dropping the kids off at the pool... If you know what I mean!
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