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I completed the running leg of the team olympic at the Michelob Triathlon on Saturday. This has given me the bug to try the whole thing. However, I was disappointed with my 10km run which I did in 51.24. More disappointingly, I walked a couple of time albeit for only 30 seconds. Even though I had done a lot of training it just highlighted that its so, so important to really put it in and also get rid of the weight (although I'd say I was only a stone overweight at 15 stone and 6ft 3lb).

I know how terrible I felt on the run alone so need a bit of inspiration from someone out there who's had a similar experience and ended up achieving something as tough as a triathlon. Anyone got sound advice which will convince me to register for the Olympic Distance as an individual now?


  • read the pirate race reports from this years IM ... more inspiration there than you can shake a parrot at
  • Youll love it, the achievement of doing a multi discipline event far outweighs the sum of the parts.

    You will learn new things, have more variety in your training, may find that your naturally gifted at one of them.

    Also you can race in pirate kit :o)
  • Mark, I experienced difficulties in an 8 mile race about a month before Ironman Germany walking most of teh lsat 4/5 miles. I successfully completed the race.
  • thanks guys.
    @ meldy..enlighten me ...what is got a link?
  • Ironman .... just look under the Tri section here and take 3 weeks off work to read it all!
    The race reports are about half way down
  • An ironman is a long traithlon - take a look at the race reports from the homepage and then join us in Florida next November.

    It's perfectly possible for you and you will have a lifelong sense of achievement
  • run slower and longer ... you will feel the benefits ... triathlon can change you life , I was 16 stone 5 years ago now 4 times ironman and 12 stone
    you also will meet some of the most supportive can do people in the world
    enjoy it its fantastic
  • "15 stone and 6ft 3lb"

    interesting dimensions there m33.......

    we all have crap runs from time to time so worry not - just take on board what others have said and go for it.............

    once bitten, make sure you have a healthy bank balance 'cos it won't last long........
  • Go for it, hopefully my story will give you the inspiration you need, but be warned this stuff becomes addictive!

    I am 6'4" and back in January 2003 aged 33 I weighed in at a mighty 18 stone. With some work colleages we had a challenge to lose 10% of our body weight by easter & in order to achieve this I decided to try running.

    When I started I couldn't run 1km without stopping for a rest, but in a few months the distances gradually increased so I could run 10k (the distance from home to work) in less than an hour, so I started to run to work a couple of mornings a week. By Easter I was down to 15 stone & that is where I have stayed (+/- 5lbs).

    Then a friend bet me that I couldn't run a marathon in less than 4.5 hours. So I started training & ran the 2004 London marathon in 4hrs 9 minutes. At the time this was the most physically painful but most rewarding thing I had ever done. Bitten by the bug I ran the marathon in 2005 & this year but have not improved on my time (injuries & illness were factors both times).

    Driven by a mid life crisis of wanting to do an Ironman before I am 40 I entered the Olympic Distance at the London Triathlon this year to see how I would get on.

    My training programme was probably a little short as I concentrated on the marathon until April & then took a whole month off to recover. When I started I found I could only swim 100m before I needed a rest & I was taking over 1.75 hours to cycle 40k. I made gradual progress & by the end of July I could happily cycle 40km on a Sunday afternoon in 1.5 hours & swim 1500m in 35 minutes in a pool once or twice a week.

    I arrived at Excel on Sunday absolutely terrified, I had never swum in open water & never covered the race distance in training. My stated aim was to finish, secretly inside I wanted to be under 3 hours, but I knew there was a chance I might not even make it to the finish line.

    As it turned out I did better than I could ever have hoped for. Swim 31:58, Bike 1:20:55 & Run 57:26 plus transitions for a total time of 2:57:26. I too was forced to walk a couple of times on the run but it was very hot & I knew I need to drink.

    As I reflect on what I have achieved, I was 365th out of 504 finishers in the 35-39 age group so 72% of the people were faster than me BUT I am 6'4" & 210lbs which is not really the ideal build for an athlete, 3 years ago I struggled to run for a bus & this was my first attempt at triathlon.

    As for damaging your bank balance, I tried to keep costs down by buying a bike off ebay for £250 & renting a wetsuit. On the day I passed people on far more expensive bikes than mine & was passed by people on older cheaper ones, maybe spending thousands on equipment helps if you are at the sharp end of the race but it cannot be a substitue for training.

    So in summary, I am 1" taller than you & exactly the same weight, my 10k pb is 51mins and I managed to finish the olympic distance in under 3 hours so I am sure you can too.
  • Just give it a go!

    My first Tri was a Sprint distance whih i was just really glad to even finish - i was slow 1:45 but i had done it.

    I went for an Olympic distance next and although the swim went well i had to retire after 18miles on the bike! heat exhaustion.

    On the day i felt gutted, after a few days i could reflect and realise that i hadn't actually done that bad! Recently i went through a period of thinking i could not do it at all - it really knocked my confidence!

    After watching the London Tri (was too tight to pay £75!) my parner told me i could do it - so Sunday eveingin i went out for a 10k run.

    I did it, but very slowly (1:25) however, it has given me back the realisation that no matter what time you come in it is all about just finishing!!

    I never did any excercise before Sept last year and it just feels good to be doing something!

    You will experience bad times but just remember the good ones!
  • Jo, why does the net nanny think that link is porn?
  • don't think of it as porn, think of it as showing the newest models in swim equipment (semi-naked woman in teeny bikini)
  • because its you doing the looking??
  • NM - what a great story. And the type of thing I was after to make me realise I CAN do it. I suppose I'm concerned I'll take on too much, trying to fit in all this exercise in addition to a busy working life, being a dad, etc....and just generally trying to have a social life outside of exercise...but then I know I'm making excuses. I'm moving to the countryside later this year which will make the biking easier (and a lot safer) than where I am now.

    I'm sold, I will do it even if I finish last.

    As for IronMan competitions, I might leave that for a couple of years.

    @ Smiley Lady, I'm happy to receive links to more porn type inspiration!
  • @mark33 - the vast majority of us are very busy people too, using me as an example I have a full-time job, a husband, 2 households (shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc.) and 2 large dogs but manage to average about 12 hours training per week.

    If you're determined you can find ways to get the training in, such as -

    Bike or run to work and back if possible.

    If you go by public transport and it's a long journey, change into running kit a couple of days a week before leaving work and get off at an earlier stop. Run home.

    Sacrifice a bit of sleep and get up earlier to run or do a turbo session on an indoor bike. Or run at lunchtime.

    Take the family swimming with you, they can have fun while you crank out the laps.

    Get up early at the weekends and get your long bike or run in before spending the rest of the time with the family.

    Plenty more ways to do it. Be creative.
  • 51.24 is a sweet time for a 10K IMO. 6'3" 13 stone though my only sub 50 was at 12 stone and 55 mins is far more on the cards these days, an hour in an Oly tri. (Okay, hour three if I have to admit it, but it was hot).

    It's much more of a buzz doing the 3 events and generally a much friendlier bunch of people.  The Oly distance is lovely, and for various reasons, likely to become my focus going forwards. 

    As for family etc, knock out a cheeky 400 when you take the kids swimming (eldest son, is getting WAAY too quick), X train with MTB with the kids up the canal or whatever and cane your local parkrun (do 2 laps, 4, if it's a 2 lapper),


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