Exmoor Stagger 15

I have decided to try my legs out on this challenge as I have been working my way through the Somerset Race Series.

I appreciate that this race has a lot of climbing (about 1800ft) but I am seeing conflicting information on the distance to be run. Can anyone shed any light on this please?


  • The Exmoor Seaview 17 is actually 20 and was measured as the crow flies, I have no idea about this one but would be interested to find out ?
  • It's probably only 15. It just feels like a lot more.
  • The T-shirt says it's 15. How are you getting on with the Somerset Series??? Am thinking of doing it next year.
  • LW*, I am currently enjoying an artificially high position in the Series (second based on races run 6/8 and points accumulated 146). There are a lot of much stronger runners behind me who have just done less races but with better positions.

    I have been trying to maintain top-20 positions which would see me finish with 160 points and a probable top-ten placing in the series. However I had a bit of a 'mare' in the "Easter Bunny 10K" finishing outside the top-50 which has skewed my scoring and hence my desire to do more than the mandatory 8 races to remove that blot from my series record.
  • Well my entry has gone off - I guess that I had better try and spend a bit more time on my feet.
  • Wrinty, Distance is more or less 15 miles depending on which Garmin to believe and 1800 ft?? Try 3300 ft!!... so get them there feet going uphill as much as poss.
  • EF, Thanks for that - I was comfortable with the distance and to a lesser extent the climbing. It is the fact that the course is 'out and back' and at some stage I am going to drop 3300ft which sounds like a long way down!!!
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