Liverpool Hydro Active Women's Challenge 5K

Hello Peeps

I'm doing this run and was just wondering if any other forumites would be joining me - it was great fun last year with a top goodybag.

Here's hoping for a cooler day :-D


  • So just me then ;-D
  • Just noticed your entry. I'm doing this for the first time this year. I'm from Manchester so don't really know Liverpool at all apart from the City Centre and the Docks. What's the course like? Looks reasonably flat from the map. This is my first run in 6 or 7 years, I'm hoping to get round without walking, but I'm not making any promises!
  • Hi Louise

    The route is all within the confines of the park and is fairly flat with a bit of an incline up to the finish but all in all it is OK and it was a really good event last year.

    I am sure you will be fine,last year there was a mixture of women walking and running.

    Good luck!
  • I managed to run 5km in training without walking on Sunday (first time ever!) Hopefully this is a good sign for the in 2 weeks time. Fingers crossed!
  • I've got my number but lost my information - does the run start at 11?
  • Yes it does, see you all there :-D
  • Sad to see this cancelled this year

  • and the birmingham one


    this was my first ever race and i use it to see how i am doing
    i am gutted that it is not on

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