First 5k tomorrow.

Im about to do my first race tomorrow night.Im abit unsure about how fast to go out,whether to use a heart rate monitor.Im hoping to do it under 25 minutes,which I hope will keep me away from last place.Im unsure about the overall quality of the race but there are some pretty impressive times from a couple of years so im not sure what to expect.Any tips about pace etc would be very helpful.




  • If you normally wear a hrm when you run then I'd say you should wear it otherwise it probably will be more of a distraction than a help. As to pace, try not to get too hung up about pace etc in your first race - just go out and enjoy it.

    Good luck!!
  • Don't take the hrm - a race is completely different to a training run, a former clubmate of mine wore one during the Essex Road relays a few years back and took us from a certain bronze medal position to 7th becasue he was running to his heart monitor

    you'll be nervous so your heart rate will be up - just go out don't start to quick and run at a pace you can maintain throughout
  • I agree,the best plan for a first race is not to have one

    Forget any target time, this will only encourage you to go too fast off the start Many people only ever run one race, get injured and give up.

    Take your time amd enjoy the experience ; think of it only as a base time to be beaten next time around. The aim is to finish in a reasonable condition wanting to do another soon :>}
  • You could always just approach it as 'just a training run of 5k' and remove any pressure that you might be putting yourself under.
    But the most important thing as Kazza says it to just go out and enjoy it.

  • And just remember whatever time you get it'll be a PB!!!
  • 5ks are too short for tactics. The only way to run them well is to run the first k fast enough for it to really hurt, and then hold that till the end.
  • Thanks for the advice everyone.Just one thing, before I got a hrm I always used to train far too hard all the time do you think I might go out too fast if I dont use it?Or should I be abit more daring in a race?Thanks again.I'll let you know how I get on!

  • If you are worried about not using one then you should use it.

    If you always use it in training then it might be very strange without it.

    I think it is a personal choice, most people wouldn't use one, but if you are more comfortable with it then it might be better if you did.

    The main thing is you enjoy the race and don't worry about the time, you can worry about that in future races :-)

    Just out of interest which race is it?
  • The race Im doing is the Hetton Lyons Country Park 4.8k race in the North east.Thanks for the advice.

  • Good luck with it Ian. Remember that there's plenty of opportunity in future races to worry about times and position - today's all about getting out there and enjoying your first experience of racing!!!
  • Just to let you know I managed 23:00 for 4.8 kms.The race itself was quite competitive only 85 runners and the majority were club runners who were alot quicker than me.I think I finished around about the 50 to 55 mark.

    I dont think this was the ideal race for a first race but I really enjoyed it in the end and my time was faster than expected.I will definitely race again,my next one is a 10k on the 27th August.Looking forward to it.
    Thanks again for the advice.

  • Well done Ian - I ran my first 5k on tues at Swansea - They really are a lot of fun, well done on the time mate.
  • well done Ian! But what happened to the last .2k??
  • Ian,

    Not bad coming 50ish out of 85 club runners and a good time too.
    And yes, what did happen to the .2k?
    Now you have something to aim for in your next race, because obviously you have to beat that time ;-)

  • Well done Ian, hope you've been bitten by the racing bug!!!! ;o)
  • another one bitten by the racing bug, possibly, soon you'll be catching the train, bus or driving to various Town's cities, because they either have a park that has the distance around it's perimeter that is the equivilent to a race your doing in three months and it will be good training, or just catching the train to somewhere then running home, just because you want adifferent route to run along, if this happens you call The N.U.F.A.R.A.

    National Union For Adicted Runners Association
  • Thanks for the comments again,definitely been bitten by the bug.I wondered where the .2k had gone as well but didnt find out!

  • Or you could always join a club and get some structure to your training, quality not quantity
  • I know I should join a club really.Im sure I would improve alot if I did.Im in Houghton Le Spring at the minute but moving back to Geordieland in December so I might even give your club a go OOK.BTW are you doing the Nissan 10k on the 27th?Also have ever done the Gibside Trail race 7 miler before?


  • You're more than welcome to join as long as you're not a Mackum :>}

    I'm doing

    Nissan, Keilder Forest and Gibside (I hope)

    Gibside is famous for being "not flat" - lots of steep climbs, everywhere seems to be "up" - but its a beautiful course at a lovely time of year. You need some race specific training - running up pit heaps with a rucsac full of bricks would help
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