running with new boobs

I am seriously thinking about breast augmentation, and I was wondering if it will have any ill effects on me or my running or the implants...any advice from those who've gone through it?? Is it safe to keep running/what sports bra/etc?? thanks


  • Don't have any personal experience of it Scarlett but I know a colleague of mine had her boobs done and she had to wear a fairly major contraption of a bra for about 6 weeks afterwards and wasn't allowed to do any exercise/lifting. I see no real reason once you've got past that initial healing stage that you should have any issues with your running. As to bras I'd say you'd need whatever is a suitable sports bra for the size you've gone up to.

  • What does the surgeon say about it ?
  • Scarlett - No exact personal experience myself, but am very close to someone who's had it done.

    First 2 weeks were quite hard, no driving, lifting, can't lift arms above head etc. No showering, can't get stitches wet. You'll need at least 2 weeks off work after Op.

    After stitches out then starts the 6 wk period Kazzah mentioned. Once this period over, everything should revert back to normal.
  • Ok thanks everyone. I think I've changed my name to runnergal instead. I don't know how to delete my name on the first thread. I'm wierd about having my name up there ha ha! any help?? It may take deleting this whole do I do that? Scarlett
  • your best bet is to use the frown face above to report the thread to a moderator.-
    If you ask them nicely they'll either re-name it or remove it I'm sure.
  • to be real honest...I don't know if I want to go through the procedure. 6 weeks is a LONG time not to be able to run! I'd die!! My husband would like for me to get new boobs, but I'm not sold on it yet. I feel like the ones I have now are fine for me. I love running, and I don't want to have to find some wierd sportsbra that hurts or whatever. thank you all for your help. i will look at some of the bras you've suggested just in case.
  • and how do i put a picture up there. i know how to put pics up, but they keep rejecting them b/c of their size. thanks
  • Blimey, tell your husband to get stuffed then. Or maybe agree to having your nokkaz augmented if he gets his peeny-weeny enlarged. And possibly a labotomy while he's there.

    Plastic norks can be spotted a mile off and you're better off with what nature gave you if you ask me.
  • Scarlett, I've had mine done hun. Went from a miserable 34 aa to a bouncey 34 DD. Had it done on Sat, was back at work on following Fri and was back jogging gently in two weeks.

    They're now 2 1/2 years old and I find that they actually are a bit more self supporting than normal boobs. I just wear a normal sports bra and have had no problems other than grief when running past building sites/road workers.....

    Hope that helps xx
  • Frown face is at the bottom ,u just click teh hyperlink next to it.

    For your photo, you need a graphics program that allows you to re-size your photo, then upload it.
  • runnergal! God I've just read the rest of your post....having breast augmentation is something YOU want to do for YOU, not for anyone else. There is a risk of losing your normal sensation when having it done so husband needs to consider that too.

    B (Ewok), nature gave me perfect breasts but the kids ruined them.....believe me it wasn't pretty. The ones I have now look perfectly natural too....but sensation definately not so clever....small price to pay in my personal case.
  • Fat Fyes, fair enough, I was making an all-encompassing statement ... I'm glad it worked for you though.
  • runnergal, if you send us a pic of your boobs we'll give you an unbiased view on whether you need implants.............


  • Hey, if you are happy with them then stick with them for goodness sake. Like FF said above.
  • Runnergal - I agree with what FF says too. If you are happy with what you have, why change? Bigger boobs will affect more than your running (sleeping, all the clothes you own), and its a huge step to take for someone else. And why would your husband ask you to do that for him? What is wrong with the you he married?
  • My ex offered to pay for me to have them done ....

    He is now my ex. He wasn't just unhappy with this aspect of me, this was just the one he felt that he could change.

    The current MrB is perfectly happy with the way things are, as am I. True, when wearing evening dresses I would love not to look like a chicken breast at the front but in reality, how often do I wear evening dresses? (I'm an AA btw).

    Remember, all surgery carries an element of risk, even for young, healthy people ...
  • HM4HM4 ✭✭✭

    I did consider having this done as I'm a 32AA, about 8-10 years ago.

    I have a very slightly built body and fairly good legs. However I've decided against a boob job as I would probably end up with something bigger than what my body could carry off.

    Since then (about 2 year's after I was thinking about a boob job) I met someone who noticed me for my best feature (my legs) and has given me the confidence to feel more comfy with my boobs.
  • i'd tell him to stick it where the sun don't shine. EVERY surgery has risks and is a big trauma, and i fail to see the point of going through that unnecessarily. bigger tits? big deal - you're happy with them. anyone who wants to put another through that for their own vanity or cheap thrills is an utter low life. I'm sure he loves his mum and is kind to animals, but really...
  • ...and obvious boobjobs are not attractive
  • a 36AA writes - i'd never go out with someone who was bothered about my shape - there's more important things to build a relationship on than a number, and anyway, if you're a keen runner you're likely to be fairly close to a 'socially acceptable' body shape anyway.

    I'm rather happy not to be too well-endowed - after sharing a house with a DD last year, then not getting backache at the end of the day, wandering round the house bra-less in the morning, and not having to buy super-expensive running bras, are all Very Good Things - and whilst it might be nice to fit a serious Dress without a bit of padding, there's no way that would be worth the pain, time, money, and health risks to me.
  • thank you all for your encouragement and advice. I truly appreciate it. I think I'm ok with the boobs I have. Sure I'd like to have a lift, but who wouldn't...but to me it's the natural way of life to change. I have three kids, and I'm fine with my boobs. I'm in good shape, and if IF I had the boobjob done, I wouldn't want big ones. I'd just want ones that looked natural. thanks again...and can someone tell me how to erase my real name at the top of this whole topic? thanks
  • You can't get rid of it yourself but if you click on the red face at the bottom of the thread you can ask the moderators to either change your name or delete the entire thread.
  • (((RG)))


    no u just can't have that sort of surgery for someone else!

    I would like a reduction but don't think it is worth the risks or pain

    we are both lucky to have two boobs (each) and relatively intact bodies though!
  • i'm a 34DD (naturally)and have never had backache in my life due to them for the record

    i would say this is a very personal thing and as you will know any surgery carries its risks and i'll bet you can without getting lectured on it, having 3 kids i'm sure you wouldnt take any undue risks, do what YOU want.
  • well I am 32G (naturally) and do get some backache
  • I dont think i can claim lower back ache on my 32F/G
  • u doing windsor this year hipps?
  • HM4HM4 ✭✭✭

    You're thinking exactly what I was thinking!

    How much is natural? In my case how much of a diference would a B cup make to someone who has a AA cup and the body to match a AA?

    I came to the conclusion that if I only wanted to move within natural boundaries that it wouldn't be worth the money and it would be better spent elsewhere!
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