Does any Forumite live on Orkney

I need some help with an item lost on Hoy. Genuine reason!!


  • how does that narrow anything down?
  • If you live on Orkney I'll tell you!
  • Did you know there was a place in the Shetlands called Twatt. Kwality.
  • Theres a place near Bolton called Nob End
  • My son has recently been on Orkney.

    He was on Hoy on Sunday to climb Ward Hill the highest hill on Orkney.

    This was just one of the 92 'county tops' around England Wales Scotland
    and Nothern Ireland.

    You can read about his exploits at

    He has just four more hills now to climb.

    But he has lost his camera!! This is part of his last blog:-

    "On a negative note I've lost my camera, somewhere on Orkney. Saying I'm
    devastated would be a little melodramatic but I'm very very
    Every photo that I've taken since I was in Northern Ireland is gone.
    Some things bug you for a few minutes or 24 hours, but I know this will
    still nag away in my mind in a year's time. I went to two police
    stations, the ferry company and contacted the Orkney newspaper. No luck
    yet, but the pace of life is so slow and there are so many islands that
    it could take someone a week to hand it in. But how about this for
    service? I know I last had the camera on an island called Hoy, obviously
    a ferry ride from the mainland, but the police officer promised he would
    get another officer to visit the very spot I last had the camera to
    check the area. I know there's not much crime on Orkney but he went out
    of his way to help."

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I have contacts there, KK, if that's any help. And I know someone who will be going there in the next couple of weeks (probably not to Hoy though - Kirkwall most likely).
  • sorry kk, hope he finds it....
  • Oh Nessie I forgot you are the 'Font of all Knowledge' where Scotland is concerned.

    I feel absolutely gutted for my son. Basically the camera holds photographs of 6 Northern Ireland Hills and about 20 hills in Scotland. Bearing in mind he has cycled between each and then walked up them it's quite a feat!

    Radio Orkney very kindly put out something this morning on their local report, (with other lost and founds!!)
  • I know there are a couple of local papers for the islands - The Orcadian and the one whose name I can't remember (but I can find out if you want) - maybe you could put a small ad in or even see if they'll do a local interest article.

    Hope it's found and returned. If it's anyone local who finds it I'm sure they'll do the decent thing.
  • Actually the paper has already come up trumps!!

    Camera was found this morning........
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    That's wonderful news KK. So pleased for your son.
  • good stuff...
  • Great! They're a very honest bunch in Orkney.
  • godd news kk - i had even asked dandan to go back and check for you!
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