Fat Blokes.

I've got an annoying injury and I can't figure out for the life of me why it happened.
I know some things just do, but this is weird. I have 'patellar grind', apparently, and can't help but wonder if it might be partly because of ageing running shoes.
But then I think... I've hardly worn them!
I wear them in the gym sometimes, and occasionally while cycling too, but have had them since May 1st. Mileage has been pretty paltry since then - I think at most they've done a maximum 180- 200 miles on the road of actualy running.
So as a fat bloke, do I need to replace shoes more frequently to avoid nagging injuries or does 300-500 miles still stand for a pair of shoes? I'm about 16 stone and not exactly light on my feet - very dense, only about 5'6".
Anybody? Is this a feasible theory?


  • Yes

    500 miles too far!!
  • As a rule yes but are you sure that you are wearing shoes appropriate to your running style?
  • I'm no expert, but I think it will depend on the type of shoes you have bought.

    If they are lightweight cushioned models, I suspect you will wear them out well before the 300-500 miles since the impact forces are much greater.

    If you have some 'sturdier' shoes such as brooks beast, which are often recommended for the heavier runners, I would think they would be fine for 300-500 miles.

    I myself pronate quite badly, and when I started, I had lightweight cushioned shoes and very quickly destroyed the cushioning. Even though I knew I hadnt run 300 miles in them, they were definately shot. Once in more supportive shoes, they last fine.
  • Ook - spent two years pretty much injury free running in them, so I think they're good for me. Had a couple of people check out the gait etc and they reckon these are the ones. However, I do plan to go and get it checked out once more using 'puter technology just to see if it comes out with anything different.

    Any excuse to buy stuff.

    I have a new pair waiting to go, I'll break them out then see what happens with the injury...
  • Yes, but that's probably not why your patella is grinding. THAT is more likely to be patellofemoral syndrome, which has very little to do with the mileage on your shoes.
  • I see. I thought it might be perhaps my knee was angry with me for running on shoes that I had killed the cushining in.

  • Oh, and Steven - ta for the response. I'm running in Saucony Grid Omni 5, so they should have reasonable life I'd have thought...
  • Steven - "badly" is a bit inappropriate ... it's quite natural to pronate you know! "quite a lot" would be more apt :)

    I am also heavy. Fighting weight somewhere around 15 - 16 stone. I pronate a bit and my weight also means a strange two-way movement of my Achilles as I strike the ground and move through the gait cycle. Unresponsive shoes give me knee trouble; luckily I have found shoes that keep the two-way twitch dead level and are cushioned enough to let me run for miles without knee strain. However, I don't use shoes for more than 250 miles if I can help it.
    An expensive hobby, this.
  • I think it is best to play snooker instead of all this running malarky. All you need to buy is a stick.

    I'm sure Snookerers World is probably a better magazine as well.

  • Fair point snapstinget. Should have said i pronate excessively.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Im around 14st with a reasonable frame, I have never got 500m from a shoe, most being to wear at 200m and anything over 250 is starting to bear / bald on the soles.

    Have yet to have any knee trouble, but do have big problems with achilies (mainly because it was damaged badly a several years back).
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