Merthyr Police 10K

Anyone coming up to do my local plod?

Look for the joker stoping at the pub 1/2 way!


  • im the bouncer on the door at the pub half way. so keep on trucking taffia.
    i won this race last year. i was in the lead police car.

  • If I can get from RTT quick enough on Sunday Morning I will be there. I reckon Poppy and George also have it on their agenda.

    I'll stick a link on our thread Taffia.

    To anyone else I would heartily recommend this for a PB attempt.
  • List time

    WA-if back in time
    Welsh Poppy-
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • russ the bus!
    LOL i run ring around you lot :-0
    bouncers and cops!
  • I will be there! Can't wait!
  • Hoping to do it if my foots o.k :) any idea how early we should arrive if we want to enter on the day ?

  • I was 40 mins b4 start and there were people after me last yr.
  • Whats the course like for this race, does it go along the taff trail and does it start and end at the leisure centre.
  • That about sums it up Clive. I did this last year and it had a really good 'vibe' about it.

    Not feeling too good myself so doubt I will be there now...but you never know ;)
  • I may be a non starter!

    Have chest infection infection. I would rather miss this and be fit for my tri.

    I will be there to support.
  • Congrats to my mate who done a nice 44 minutes PB.

    So pre race s*x is good Stal :-0
  • Got myself a PB too 45.27 , legs are a bit stiff today though.. enjoyed the race , I should have given the drink station a miss though as I tipped it all over myself when going down the hill. bring on cardiff in 2 weeks....
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