Just how much?

Hi Everyone,
I have entered the ballot for FLM but I am not confident of getting a place. It has always been my dream to run in the London Marathon. Does anyone know what the minium level of sponsorhip is for a charity place? Sorry if this has been asked before.



  • it varies
    between £750 and £2500
    depending on charity
  • Hi Plodding Hippo,
    Do you know which chairties require the least amount?
  • there were several thread on this Russell
    I always run for a kidney charity-so its not that relevant to me
    phab seemed to be fairly low

    is best though to run for a charity you really believe in-can be quite hard to motivate yourself to raise the money otherwise
  • Or run really fast and get a GFA place
  • victa are one of the cheapest(£750) my son ran for them this year, no deals, no promises of trips abroad, all money to charity, BUT GOD KNOWS HOW YOU GET A RECEIPT FROM THEM!!! Give them a try, good luck
  • Hi Russell
    I,m running NYC for help the hospices. they dont stipulate a minimum amount but the more you raise the more they will give you of your stake money back. I dont know if this applies to the FLM as its in this country, they organise a package including flights, hotel, etc for NY. Could be worth giving them a call, I have the number if you are interested.
  • Hi Dave thanks for the suggestion.

    Hi Lynne,
    That would be great. Could you email me the details? I am not being mean when I ask for the cheapest. It is just that I want to guarantee I can reach it! I have almost reached £300 for my charity for the GNR but £1500+ sounds a lot to live up to.
  • Hi Russell
    You are not being mean at all, believe me, fundraising is harder work than the training. I've spent loads of time doing raffles, car boot sales, race night and bbq, etc. Have you set up a justgiving web page, that can help and its so easy even i can do it. Just go to www.justgiving.com and it gives you all the details. that way you can raise money without having to leave the house.

    contact details for help the hospices is
    0845 086 2626
    email hospicerunners@hth.org.uk

    good luck
  • I've contacted a fair few re next year - the minimum pledge appears to range between £1100 and £2000, £1400 being about the average. If you get a ballot place and therefore surrender your Golden Bond place, they will still expect a minimum of £500.
  • yes, thats a new thing since last year
    even with a bllot place you must raise some money
  • VICTA and PHAB are both under a grand. Not sure how a charity can expect £500 from someone they're not giving a place to, Ollie.

    One word of caution on charidee places (apart from getting slagged off on here for asking who's the lowest, cos you will!) is that if you're running for one you might find you feel obliged to run - I ran this year after 8 weeks of virtually no running due to shin splints and am only just now getting back to running - I felt had to run cos people had donated - las time I run on a charidee place - ballot or club place for me from now on, so I can defer if I'm injured.
  • andy
    If you apply for a charity place now-as i am, then you pledge to raising £400/500 even if you eventually get a ballot place
  • Not all of them though? My mate got a club place after being accepted for PHAB last year and then passed his sponsorship onto me cos he felt so guilty that he got the club place and not me!
  • Unless you have given them a deposit how can a charity insist on a minimum if you have your own place?
  • StJohns seem to be asking for £1250.

    Some don't stipulate an amount but expect you to reach your own target.
  • Children With Leukaemia work that way. No stipulated minimum amount. You say how much you think you can raise. Whether they offer a place will depend on your sob story/deep & meaningful reasons/other excuse, and I guess the number you first thought of, and even your fundraising history.

    But truly you have to select a charity that you believe in.
  • andy

    thats just what kidney research UK said

    very true blisters
  • you sign up for that andy if you want a guaranteed pace NOW
  • The actual wording of the pledge is that "as an own place runner, I will aim to raise at least £500". As before, it's an expectation. I don't have an issue with this as I wanted to know I definitely had a place before November/December comes around, plus I believe in the charity and want to support them as much as possible.
  • So the 'pledge' is an 'on my honour' thing, innit, so the charity can insure against having places left over (although they don't pay if people don't run, do they?)?

    Sure there's nothing they can do to enforce it (i fact pretty sure they couldn't enforce the minimum on a GB place legally, although some ask for the £250 it costs them up front.
  • Agreed - I don't think they can enforce it legally (they actually use the phrase "honour-bound" for the GB place minimum).

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