New shoes for overpronating foot

Not sure if this should be here or in Injury.. but here goes anyway..

I began running in a pair of neutral Saucony's (Trigon Grid if I remember correctly) and had 5 months of anterior shin splints in varying degrees in both legs. Between rest/ice/fizz have managed to get these under control and was told to get gait analysed for over-pronation problems.

I was found that I over-pronated on my left leg, not majorly, but enough to cause hassle. I was fitted about 6 weeks ago (running for four thanks to flu) with a new pair of Asics GT 2110. Since I've had these I've found the original problem has pretty much disappeared, but I have developed a new one. On my left leg I've started to get a dull pain a few inches above my ankle on each foot strike. This seems to be directly in line where my foot is prevented from over-pronating by the new shoes. It seems to go away after a day or so.

Now is this just my leg getting used to being forced to stop rolling in and will eventually get used to it or is it more worrying?



  • Get your gait analyised, its ok buying a pair of off the shelf shoes that are supposed to help with pronation but the question I would ask is are they the correct shoes for you? not everyone has the same problem so how can a shoe be made that is going to be ok all, remember the saying one size does not fit all
    The pain could be that one part of the calf is having to work harder and thus becoming exhaused raly, which is why it goes away after 2 days rest.

    I would and have gone to a podiatrist to get looked at and if you don't need any correction then nothing lost.
  • Sorry if was unclear, I did get my gait video analysed at Up and Running in Manchester who fitted the Asics for me. I over-pronate on my left and am neutral in my right.
  • I have fairly recently bought shoes for over pronation. I got some miles into them before going out over a long run. NEVER AGAIN! I experienced leg pain and in the following day's leg massage it was identified as having been caused by running on the outside of my feet. I've gone back to my cushioned shoes.
  • I would then suggest you find a good podiatrist, the one I am seeing for my orthotics is fairly close to you although there might be a good around the manchester area.
    As I don't know how old you are or how long you have been running all I can give you is my opinion, i have been running for over 20 years and in that time had calf problems etc, it got so bad that I went to a pod and was told that the body will compenstate for so long untill it can't anymore then needs help to correct it. You may get away without injury for a while but eventually you will need some form of support.
    I go to Rebound biomechanics and lower limb injury clinic in settle, he does have a website.
    Hope this helps
  • Thanks Medic.. will have a look into it.. I'm 33 and have only been running since January.
  • Toomuch,

    I had exectly the same problem when I used to run in Saucony shoes! I now run in Asics, but I am a neutral runner.

    I am not criticising Saucony at all, they are just not suited to me.

    I had a similar injury last December with my right ankle, mine wasn't caused by my shoes ata ll, it was caused by a mixture of overtraining and my running style (I used to run with me heel hitting the ground first). I was out for 5 months and after seeing a podiatrist who gave me acupuncture, I am now running again, with an improved style (I lean forward and land on my midsole) and I am determined not to go down the same route of overtraining again.

    If I were you, if the pain doesn't go away, have it looked at by a good podiatrist and they will be able to make recommendations for you.
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