'I'll make you an offer you can't refuse...'

Went out to run 4x1 mile reps, 90 sec recoveries & I can home to an email from the county mens team captain, for distance running (obv.).

"KK (Craig), would you like to be the fourth runner on the county half-marathon team at the Nottingham 1/2 Marathon, all expenses paid, transport provided, and you can keep the vest!"

Now understand, I've only been exercising for 2 years, and only been running for about 1 year, yet this sort of thing is something I've dreamed about. Seriously! I've always wanted to be a high enough standard to make a 'cut' to represent a region, be it my Uni (go Staffs!) or my County (go Berks!).

Heres the bummer, I'm on holidy on the 15th September, same date as the 1/2. And I cant cancel. I presume I was picked due to my recently improving, yet still consistently good (I think) form. I hope to God that an oppurtunity like this arises again!


  • What a bummer. Hopeuflly next year you can book the holiday round the race. I'm sure you'll be invited again as you'll keep imporoving.
  • Is that a Reading Runners vest you're wearing?
  • Could be, Blue Knees! You've got dang keen eyes! I am indeed a Reading Road Runner. I take it your local to recognize the colors! Are you affiliated to any of the Berkshire clubs, or are you a solo runner, like me old man?
  • I'm from Purley-on-Thames so I've seen the strip a few times. Palmer Park is a bit of a pain to get to so haven't joined. Do you know Paul Bampton then, he's about your pace and leads runs down the Thames past my way. I did Wargrave, Reading Half, Yateley3 and Woodley locally, how about you
  • Yeah, I know Paul. He's a rival of mine, although I dont think he knows it! :) You right about him being about my pace actually. I use him as a target for most of my races. He normally just pips me, but then I never tapered for my races as I was training for a Marathon. About mile 22 of the Marathon this year I used his Marathon PB as a goal. Rivalry is very strong psychological booster! Having said that, hes a good bloke! Its just hes close enough to my pace to make rivalry meaningful. This year I ran the Wycombe Half, Bracknel Half, Shinfield 10km, Harry Hawks (Thames Ditton) 8 Miler, Reading Half, Bramley 20, Goring 10km, Cotswold 10km Canter, Goring & Woodcate Lions 10km, and the Dinton Parstures relay, locally. Despite the number of races weve both run this year, theres suprisingly little crossover! They say its a small world, but apparantly not that small!

    Run the Henley 1/2 in October! Damn fine event, lovely, but difficult course, well organized, local. What more could you want? Seriously though, its the event I can pen into my diary every year, I'm trying to get a streak going!
  • I got to know him because he sold my house and then I saw him at the Goring 10K this year. For the records I believe the guy that collapsed in that race recovered OK. I might well do Henley this year. Are you running the Great South Run or Windsor?
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    KK, if you explain the situation to the organisers of the event they may change the date to fit in with your holidays! It really was inconsiderate of them to pick the 15th anyway. Didn't fit in with my plans either.
  • Lol! Yeah, I'll write that letter, no, make that, I'll write that PERTITION!!! I take it youd be one of my signitories Drew? Come on buddy, whadya say?
    Seriously though, I was just posting to illustrate the wondicerous mechanics of 's0ds law'...
  • Where your picture Drew? How will we recognise you at Windsor
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    BK, I'll be the good looking one. I'll also be wearing running shorts and a running vest with a number on it so you can't miss me.

    Seriously, I've been trying to upload a photograph for ages but can't get the pixel size correct, and then when I do it's the wrong format.
  • If you want I'll resize it for you. Its my main function on the forum. E-mail me if you do
  • Well done Korsaking and buggeration!

    I'm sure they'll pick you again - and with all those races you'll be improving all the time.
  • Blue Knees - I think we need a picture of the rear view of Drew - so that we can recognise it - as we'll never see his front view - he'll always be leading the field.

    Bad Luck KK - but your time will come!!!
  • Only too true SS.
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