oooo my knees

I generally run 25-30 miles per wk. I am slowly increasing my longest run and am now up to 9 miles. Last night I ran 10 miles and apart from usual tightness in the last couple of miles I felt really good. Steady pace at 8:45 per mile.

This morning my knees are really sore. I am struggling to tackle the stairs. My knee caps are tender to touch especially round the edge. Any idea what I am suffering from and what advice could you give.



  • Sounds like 'Runners Knee'!! Theres an article about it on the injury section of the forum. Basically it's overuse causing soreness as your kneecap rubs on various soft tissues around and underneath it. Have a few days off, ice them; take it from me, look after your knees o you can be off for weeks.
    Do some swimming if your desperate for exercise.
    Hope it sorts itself out. If not after a week, go to a good sports physio.
    Good luck!
  • Thanks Chick'

    I really want to be fit for a 10k next weekend. I will take the advice and lay off. Today, I could not have run if my life depended on it. The stairs have been a challenge enough today.
    I will look at the article, Thanks!
  • i gots it too, tho now i have identified that mine was triggered by striking my knee on a granite rockface whilst ;)

    i've been taking a couple of days off, i raced on wednesday there and i took today and yesterday off, the problem gets better with time, but ibuprofen relieves the pain and reduces the swelling.

    you can do straight leg excercises................... if you can find out what the hell they are, this strengthens and promotes healing.

  • btw, i know it's runnersd knee because it persisted from three weeks previous. also try glucosamine, (takes a week or so to kick in though!)

    it's probably runners knee if i feels like a bruised kneecap, and then feels more like a sore kneecap later in your run.
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