A big heart

I've just been told by the consultant that I have a 12-13% bigger heart than an average 50 year old. (I'm 50 - thought I should make that clear). My measure was 17.5 over 34 as opposed to appx 14 over 34 for an average 50 yr old.

I've had an ecg which I was told was also abnormal but not why it was. I'm having an echocardiogram on Tuesday and being given a 24 HRM to wear.

My resting heart rate is appx 44 but I can still drive my MHR well over 180.

I don't drink, smoke, eat meat but probably do overcompensate for my protein with dairy produce but not excessively. Parents are in the mid 80s and grandparents died in their mid 90s.

I obviosult hoping it's not either diseased from lifestyle or genetics and that it's aerobically induced. Do appx 35-40 running per week plus 50-100 miles a week on the bike.

God willing my heart is not diseased. Even if it's aerobic enlargement is there anyone who can tell me if there are precautions I should be taking as a result of the diagnosis or is it good news all round??

Tiny bit worried

The Doc


  • Interesting!

    I think you are right in thinking that it could be simply large because of exercise.

    The medical profession often don't take such high levels of exercise into consideration. I was accused of having a low heart rate at 60bpm.

    But I feel that it would be good to get the all clear, before redlining it.

    Are you well insured?
  • ah

    will try to find relevant thread for you

    are you a serious trainer
  • am assuming you arent amedical doc-or you would know where to ask for help
  • Hi hippo

    T D you didn't say why you were seeing a consultant.
  • hello

    did you have nice birthday
  • A doc picked this up on me years back - "left ventricular hypertrophy" he reckoned after a trace and my history of cycling.

    If its that (and with your miles - it could well be) then theres nothing to worry about.

    Well thats what they told me anyway !
  • It was ok thanks, see the social thread for more details.

    I am going to see my mum tomorrow, who knows there may yet be another prezzy?
  • have boinged thread
    cougie-i dont know if you should werrit or not
  • Hiya Hipps (sorry to bushwack your thread doc) Have my Catheter Ab on the 31st of this month...

    Have been off work for 5 weeks (leave) and get this, only two episodes in that time both under 5 hrs
  • But I know what I would say
  • Thanks PH - no not medical doc.
  • you found the other thread?

    Corith-missed you there
    gosh thats quick for the catheter thingie-are you private?
  • Sorry, misled you Hippo (i was a little squiffy last night)

    Appointment with Cardiologist to discuss Cath/Ab on 31st ... timescale unknown... she suggested last time I saw her that it was a question of When I had it... and not if I had it... she's refering me to a different hospital to one of her chums who will do the opp

    Dilt seems to be working at the mo... GP keeps urging me to cut down on my training though
  • Is that the GP who thinks you should be folowed by an ambulance on your runs?
  • Yep... same one. I've had echo C and 24hr ECG both give my heart the all clear... apart from slight thickening of muscle...
    Cardiolist puts that down to athletic heart as I've had normal blood pressure for as long as I can remember.
  • Thanks PH - found the thread.
  • hope it helps Doctor

    bet loads of us on here have got hearts a bit on the big side
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