blood in urine after long run

I am a new runner - up to 8 miles on my long run. After the long run I have blood in my urine. My doctor has suggested it may be connected with my trainers ! A condition called March something something (so called because soldiers suffer from it due to trauma of marching.) If it is not this we will have to look at renal function. Has anyone heard of this 'marching'condition? or had similar physical response to running.


  • I had this problem after long runs once or twice - but the last time was years ago.
    Doubt whether it's too serious from what I remember of the most likely cause.

    Didn't Frank Shorter (Olympic Marathon champion 1972) regularly suffer from this problem?
  • I had it a couple of times last year, both times after I'd extended the length of my long run. Scared the hell out of me as I thought I was leaking ribena!

    Apparently its something to do with the repetetive jolting that running does to your insides. Most of the time, the body can take it but when you push it too far, there is some 'leakage'.

    There was an article on it on the RW website - where it is, I don't remember.
  • Abi,

    Had the same thing a couple of times after long runs in the past. No pain or discomfort, just very freaky (looked like strong tea with reddish tinge) and had totally cleared up by the next time I went to the loo after rehydrating.

    I've read one explanation of it being due to the bladder being empty for a long time in the first few miles of the run leading to internal friction and some bleeding. This would make sense as I'm an early morning runner and probably wasn't hydrated enough before the run.
  • Basically agree with above. as you run you can break up red blood cells and their byproducts can appear in the urine as result of strenuous exercise.
    if you ae well and no other symptons just observe, should settle. Make sure you are well hydrated but if no better see your GP with a urine sample for testing and a review
  • crocked meerkat,

    Excellent link. Looks like I might have experienced myoglobinuria. Glad I didn't read that at the time as it would have scared the hell out of me. I said, it had totally cleared up the next time I went.
  • Thanks very much to everyone who posted advice/comments. I've visited the link, and although I'm not up to ultra running yet I suppose my body thinks 8 miles is an ultra run (after 25 years of smoking and a bit of pretend running !) I feel much happier now. I'll report back.
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