FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • So the podiatrist.

    New "professional", new diagnosis. There is a long muscle running under the arch of the foot and a tendon at the toe end of it. He recons that tendon is damaged. He has given me some big toe excercises and is getting some new orthoses made which will take 4 weeks. He has altered my current plastic orthoses and suggests I get some new running shoes immediately (which was my plan anyway). He didn't mention what I should do with my running!! I of course was keen to know so I brought up the subject. He said that if I thought running was making it worse then I should ease off a bit. Why do I always feel depressed and frustrated after seeing these people. I think I would have preferred him to say stop running for a month and it will improve or something definite. Now I don't know what to do. I've just got myself back into shape, got to a good base milage and am ready to build up to London next year. If only I had got to this point with the quacks four months ago!

  • ((((((((HRR))))))))

    And so often, the answer is just "It'll take time, and don't do anything that takes you over the boundary from discomfort into pain." There are times when there just isn't a definite timescale or the promise of a cure.


    I've been out for a little run on my over-glycogenated little legs. Started off feeling heavy-legged but didn't get any worse. No more running till Sunday now.

    And I've been to Aldi too :o)
  • Tiger, a pack of salty crisps or a bowl of salty soup each day for the next couple of days won't do you any harm, though I doubt whether muscle cramps from running at this time of year have much to do with sodium levels.
  • Hi All

    Sorry can't offer any more on the cramp question.. but enjoy the crisps !

    Ah V'rap those heady days in Sandwell... I was always a bit of a walkover admissions wise and probably took all your Grannies !!

    I've entered the Helsby 4 Villages half in Jan.. its reasonably close and . s'posed to be a good race. Anyone out there done it ?

    H.R.R. I don't know the 'correct' thing to do but I would probably give myself a break from the long run. Don't know whether you are going for a Garmin but I recently bought one from www.sailGB.com ( I think) as they seemed to have the best deal.

    L.S. If you buy some new shoes you are sure to make 1:43 next time ! As for Kevin..I will make a special effort to tune in at 7pm
    as I have not heard bedtime business.. might even let the kids watch too !

    Hope everyone's pre race rituals are going smoothly.. enjoy those carbs !
  • H.R.R.

    I can sympathise with your quandary...But IS running making it worse ? After all you are managing 25miles. I would get the new shoes and just carry on gently and if it stops you running then stop at that point ! ( waits to be shot down by lurking podiatrists.!)

    This is my current favoured approach to my dodgy knee and seems to be ok so far !
  • Helsby's supposed to be lovely, QQ :o) I entered it for 2003 then crocked my ankle jumping off a stile at the end of October and wasn't able to run for months so I missed the race. It's the same day as Brass Monkey and I'd have entered if I'd missed out in the Brass Monkey entry frenzy.

    Another one to do sometime! The problem is that there are so many must-do-again races and so many must-do-sometime races and only so many weekends in the calendar. I've made a definite decision not to do any more long races in ugly towns and to steer clear of races with a history of organisational problems, which still leaves a huge choice.

    Pre-race rituals ... wibble! Should I have one?
  • Thanks QQ, yes I am after a garmin but they do seem to be cheaper on Amazon even with the VAT added on.

    Thanks for all the advice everyone. I have two days off running now before making any decision - someone has to do the sound on Strictly Come dancing!
  • Hi H.R.R.

    I paid £212 for my 305 (plus approx £5 postage)If you find it cheaper please could you let me know as my friend is just about to buy one too !

    Thanks alot

  • That sounds like a really good deal QQ. My old Polar's just packed up and it looks very tempting!
  • QQ I was looking for a 101 which is probably cheaper on Amazon. The 305 is not cheaper on Amazon (best price £230) but try sportsgpsdirect.com. Their price for the 305 is £209.98 inc VAT but I can't find out how much the postage is.
  • ..just discovered this thread - by 'eck, there's a lorra loose talk on 'ere.

    Sub-4....in fancy dress...... A VERY likely story!!
  • Hey you!
    We might have to if my plans get 'blown away' this Sunday at Abo! ;o)
  • Just looked at the forecast for Stroud on Sunday, heavy rain and gale force winds. Nice!
  • Thanks for that H.R.R . I'll investigate.

    Amanda ... that doesn't sound ideal but you never know ite might take the pressure off and lead to a great race for you !!

    Yo Snoop !
  • Here's hoping!
  • I used to suffer cramp real bad over all distances A caoch at our club suggested my salt levels where possible low so I now drink a litre of home mixed salt drink for the two days prior to any race and have never had cramp since it does not taste very nice but seems to work for me. The mix is 500ml water mixed with 500ml very good quality Orange juice and a big pinch of regular table salt. worth a try tiger.

    Snoop dog fancy seeing you here :o)

    quick plug for my clubs 20 miler. Thanet 20 mile March 4th next year a perfect preperation for FLM and a nice day out beside the sea (dont start snoop dog) Ive just started a thread
  • Thanks for that Mark, Cardiff's the only marathon I've done where it occurred, I'll try that. I've been eating salty crisps too, well frankly I've been eating everything and anything at the moment! Am feeling very lardy and pent up!

    Ah the Thanet 20 ;-) I remember it well from last year!
  • carboloading dont we just love it I sometimes think its the only reason I run marathons. Looking forward to my carb loading next week in preparation for Beachy Head next weekend
  • I'm coming down to support at Beachy Head, loved it last year. You'll have a great time, all those food stations :) Really is a fab day out.
  • Ah, the Thanet 20. What can I say???? (must go and have a butchers at the noo fred.)

    See y'all at Beachy next week!

    btw - as I'm on this thread now, I have no intention of wasting a FLM place on a fast one - I'll be going out as slow as possible to lap up the atmos - hey V'RAP, will Cutiepie be there supporting again, or has her interest in such mundane matters waned now?
  • Wow! I spy a Snoop :o)

    Not sure yet whether Tink will be there this year. It depends on various other people not getting places in the ballot and being willing to look after the wee-raptors at Mile 17. But she'll definitely want to be there if you're running.

    After three slow-as-possibly FLMs, I want to feel what the atmosphere is like in the middle of the pack this time. Hopefully I'll still be relaxed enough to relieve the spectators of their jelly babies and opal fruits on the way round.
  • Can some one give me advice on mileage / cross training?
    I can only seem to manage - time wise and energy wise, 30 miles per week, divided into 3 runs, say 15, 7.5 and 7.5, but I did read somewhere that the LSR should only be 1/3 of weekly mileage, presumably meaning I should be running 45 m per week. I can't imagine having the time or the energy, recovering from the LSR or being capable of another the next week.
    Does cycling count at all, since on a couple of days each week it is good to cycle to work (8 miles each way). Since rest days are good, I just don't see howa normal mortal can fit any more running in.
  • Hi weetabix :o)

    Cycling "counts" for developing cardiovascular fitness and burning fat if you're putting a reasonable amount of effort into it rather than pottering, but I don't think it benefits your leg muscles for running.

    16 miles of cycling two or three times a week is unlikely to do any harm, though. It's the "active lifestyle" thing!

    I used to do lots of "cross-training" - swimming (slowly!) for an hour at a time, BodyPump classes twice a week, intervals on the treadmill, half-hours here and there on the stepper - and was quite convinced that it was good for my running. Strangely enough, now that time constraints mean I can't go to the gym and can only go to the pool occasionally (and never at 7am), my running has improved enormously and I'm managing 40+ miles a week comfortably without losing weight, which has been a problem in the past. I suspect the "cross-training" was just tearing my fitness down.

    Even so, I'm thinking of starting to cycle to work, which is just under 10 miles each way. It takes me almost an hour in the car at busy times, so the bike will be quicker. My daughters have helped by declaring, unprompted, that they hate the before-school club and would rather walk to school on their own in the mornings so I don't need the car. And the practice area is small so I do most of my housecalls on foot anyway.
  • The novice and intermediate marathon schedules in Hal Higdon's book set aside a day for cross-training and a day for complete rest, and five runs a week. I see that as two days a week when it would be perfectly acceptable to cycle to and from work instead of running - though, being genetically ungifted, I'm hoping to work up to six days' running and about 60 miles a week (but no structured speedwork) before FLM.
  • Hi all, don't know if any one can help me, but on my last two runs I seem to have developed a little problem it's a bit of a strange one so bare with me. My toe next to my little toe keeps clicking when I run, it's not overly painful just uncomfortable and annoying. Anyone out there had a similar problem or understands what I am talking about, I tried to explain it to Mrs jus and she thought I was having a laugh. There does not seem to be anything wrong with the toe when looking at it.
  • I can also recommend cross training, I run 3 times a week, cycle 2 and swim 3, I also travel to most places by push bike. But my main sport is triathlon and duathlons, I have done the run 5-6 times a week before, but found cross training was better.
  • Interesting, Jus :o) Can you make your toe click when you're not running? It's likely to be something called "triggering", when one of the tendons that moves your toe catches on another when you make certain movements.

    It might get better by itself, but if not it's quite easy to set right with a little surgical procedure.
  • LSR only a third of weekly taining?! Is that true? I've never heard that before and as I only run four times a week it might become an issue for me. Actually it is already an issue for me!
  • Weetabix - I have a similar problem with my running, though probably even more extreme than yours! I do a long run of currently 10-14 miles, a shorter one of 6-7 and another of 3-4. So I'm barely managing 20 miles some weeks. Then on 3 days I cycle 6 miles each way to and from work. Not that I go particularly fast.

    I just can't see myself fitting in more running with two little kiddies to look after, plus partner who is hugely supportive, but has his own non-running enthusiasms to fit into our schedule!

    The big exception to this is IF I get a FLM place, at which point my partner has agreed I can get more running time.

    So I've just accepted my lop-sided schedule for now, and convince myself that I could go oh so much faster if only I fitted in more running!!
  • And you're already running impressively fast, pidge :o)
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