FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • My cheque has been cashed, does this mean i'm in. Cant remember what happened when I was rejected before! Cheers all
  • Delighted to report a PB 10K of 44:58 yesterday at Billericay, which is a bit hilly too. Especially pleased after slooowww marathon at abingdon 2 weeks ago.

    I have another easier 10K in two weeks, so will see what I can do then.

    Well done all for your runs.

  • Well done, Quinn and LoR :o) Great times all round!

    Jon, if your cheque has been cashed and you didn't bequeath, you are in. If you bequeathed, you need to wait till December to find out.
  • Phoned the FLM organisers today. I AM in with my 5 rejections - apparently I am just being ever so slightly impatient!

    I'm now wearing a grin that will scare the wits out of all my patients this afternoon.
  • Fantastic news Vrap....now for the training!
  • Indeed, HRR. I suppose I ought to do some training ;o)

    10.65 miles at just under 9mm pace this afternoon. At least I don't have to start tweaking the dates on my schedules now, and if eL Bee really is in (which looks likely) it means not having to juggle two sets of warm-up races.
  • LoR, that is great news. Smiling from ear to ear on your behalf!

    Well done jp2 you lucky so and so.

    V.Rap!!!!!!!!!!! Phew!!! You and eL Bee can relax a little now and really gun for that pb. I think 3.45 is a modest target for you actually. I am sure sub 3.30 is there for you if you can stay injury free. YOU MUST NOT LEAVE THIS THREAD THOUGH :0)

    For one reason I would miss you....:(

    Just about to head out the door for my recovery run of about four miles. Its dark, cold and foggy....cant wait! This is why I run, I just loves running in the Autumn/Winter.

    Catch yer later dudes...
  • Stace,
    Welcome to the thread.
    Although I'm a sweaty sock , the nom de plume is from the 13 happy years spent in Bristol, specifically Little Stoke.
    There seems to have been thousands agonuisingly just over the 4 hour mark. A bit of support from us and midnight runs through St Pauls, and we'll get you easily under 3.45.
    How was the Bristol half ? At least the Portway is flat.

    Missing Bris'l.
    Have a pint in the Taps for me!
  • Thanks RD and VR (how do you shorten Velociraptor anyhow?!)

    I'm definitely in FLM as I'm running it for Whizz-Kidz and by tomorrow night I should have busted my target of £1,500. If anyone is interested in the story, have a look at the website at http://www.lifeofriley.biz/Events--Photos.aspx.

    If you do, I'm afraid you'll have to cut and paste as I don't know how to do the hyperlink thingy.

    Thanks all and wish me luck for the fundraising, LoR
  • LS, I did the Bristol Half this year. Let me be polite, it wasn't the best race I have run!!

    I like Bristol too, until they built an IKEA there. I dread going to the ruddy place now.

    I spent 10 years up in North Wales, and I miss that place like mad. I have decided that I am going back there one day. Going to wait for my little boy to grow up then I am going back.

    I am ranting on again. Just back from my run. As good as I knew it was going to be :)
  • Top of the page !!

    LoR, best of luck with the fundraising. Just checked out your website. Riley is a lucky little boy to have such loving parents.

    Bless you all.
  • thanks valraptor

    wahoo looks like i'm in then as i didnt beqeath.
    3rd time lucky i thinks any good links to a training programme folks. I hope I can get down to 3.15
  • looks like i am in
    love to come in around 3.45
    gutted to come in over 4
  • Ripped Dap
    thought i recognised the name what did you do in Cardiff
    i wanted to sub 4 it
    squeezed in 3.59:19
    had to sprint around the stadium to get in
  • Hi All

    Feels like I've been away for ages... you peeps have covered so many miles !! In reality a week with a cold and a "mini-break" in Edinburgh. ( kiddies stayed with MIL in Dumfries - home of Queen of the South R.D !!) have kept me off the streets and the forum.

    Oddly also seem to have lost some motivation.. has anyone else found that the less they run the less they want to ?

    Anyway I'm planning on going out tomorrow and hopefully it will reinspire me. I Also floated the idea of Lochaber to Mr QQ and it went down pretty well... I now feel like I am at that point pre A- Level when you spend an evening writing a revision timetable rather than doing any revision !.

    L.O.R - All the best to Riley - so glad he is getting the right care. Am now humming away!
  • Well done, Bern :o)

    LoR, Riley sounds like a delightful little boy who has made a very intelligent choice of parents. Best wishes to you all :o)

    Glad to see you back, QQ. And yes, it doesn't take a great deal of time away from running for me to stop missing it except in a sort of cerebral, I-should-be-doing-that sense. I've had long breaks away from running, including almost a year until this summer, because of domestic matters, and I've never pined for it.

    I hope your motivation comes back soon! You've got lots of time to train for a spring marathon - plenty of time to allow yourself some timetable-writing and a few weeks of gentle runs. If all you do is three miles three or four times a week, you'll still rebuild and maintain your fitness. And (as I told myself often in July) three miles is over and done with in half an hour.

    Jon, 3.15!!!!! I think this may be turning into an all-purpose anything-under-4-hours-as-long-as-you-like-to-chat thread. Which is good because I want to stay here although I'm definitely going to train for sub-3.30.

    RD, it's heartening to know you'd miss me. I'd miss you too, and that's without having had a drop of Stella tonight ;o)
  • Hi Bern,

    good to talk to you again mate. I did 4.50 at Cardiff!! Due to a complete and utter lack of training, chest infection and QQ is dead right, the less you run the less you want to. Anyway, I got round:)

    Congrats to you mate on the sub 4. You must be chuffed! Now time to kick on and get the sub 3.45! Next year 3.30 etc etc!!
    There may be just time for London 2012 yet ;0)

    QQ, it has been a long time, glad your back :) Get back out there girl and the motivation will come flooding back.

    JP2 3.15? Wow! That is awesome. What sort of mileage will you be putting in for something like that? What is your pb now? Questons questions!

    QQ, QoS come from Dumfries?! Excellent. May buy a replica top, that will raise some eye brows down here!

  • "I think this may be turning into an all-purpose anything-under-4-hours-as-long-as-you-like-to-chat thread..."

    V'rap - if that's true.... can I join in too..??!!

  • If it's an "as long as you like to chat" thread I can carry on visiting ;0)

    I shall have to be the sub-4 support crew at FLM!
  • Hi all. Not been here for a while, but have read most of the messages.

    Well, based on dates and cheque cashing, Mrs F and I are pretty much not in FLM this year unless we do something about a charity place, and quickly!

    I've been loving running round Richmond Park lately, and the last three Sundays have done 15 mile runs - great stuff.
  • this year = 2007, of course :)
  • Also not been around a while - flipping Talk talk have lost us our home broadband connection! Cheekily catching up on posts whilst at work.

    Anyway - enjoyed a hilly 1 1/2 hour run near Monmouth at the weekend. Stonking scenery, and hardly a car in sight. What a contrast to my normal London runs.

    Am going to hang out here until I find out whether I have a club place for FLM (no ballot place for me). Then, if not, still thinking about my other options!! Call me indecisive.
  • Did I hear buzzing?

    >Slips quickly into best-behaviour mode.<

  • Hi Guy's
    and thanks for the warm welcome!

    Little Stoker...
    I live in Stoke Gifford so not far from your billet! Where are you now?
    Yes the 4:01:53 was gutting because of an "incident" in the tunnel at Embankment.
    An exhausted runneer fell behind me bringing me down and hurting my left leg. After a few minutes of walking to recover from the pain and the shock, I got a sort of momentum going again (with the aid of some ibuprofen and Lucozade ED). The last 2 miles were back on pace but I knew as the clock ticked that tha few minutes of walking had cost me nearly 10 minutes on my time! That's why I am so chuffed at getting a 2nd crack at it this year!

    Bristol this year was a tad different, with the reverse run idea and making the Long boring bit doen the Portway longer and more boring. The start was supposed to be penned but it wasn't marshalled so too many slower runners and walkers were starting a the front end causing a congestion worthy of Gridlock status for the first 3 miles. Lots of people fell here. But with all of that I did manage a PB 1:44:19...
    Phew I thinks that all. better get on with some work and I'll check back later
  • oh Forgot...
    My cheque was not cashed until 29 December last year so ther is still hope...

  • Stace,

    My wedding night bash was above the Parkway Tavern. Played football for Little Stoke. Friends with the Brunts, Pike etc. Happy days in Bris'l from 1990 to 2002, and was imaginatively called Jock throughout my stay.
    Now in Brechin.
  • Can I please join in from time to time?

    I have a charity place having deferred from 2006 when I fell ill in March.

    Can anyone please help me with a question. Is anyone familiar with the Hal Higdon training plans? I have looked at the intermediate 1 plan, and if all goes well it's about the effort I was planning to put in. With a bit of slippage built in to the 18 week schedule, I plan to start in earnest this weekend.

    The only query I have is, assuming I read it right, there appear to be no runs quicker than marathon target pace. And only a few Saturday runs at target pace. Have I got that right? If so, does it work? many thanks.
  • Hello Bruce, and welcome :o)

    As I remember it, there is no speedwork in the HH Intermediate 1 plan. It's aimed at runners who are at a stage in their running career where they will improve just by increasing their mileage and doing some shorter runs at target marathon pace, and don't need to tackle speedwork, with its greater risk of injury.

    And yes, the HH plans "work", as do pretty much any established training schedules, if followed properly.

    Starting the 18-week schedule now will give you scope to repeat some of the weeks that include long training runs. Which is good :o)

    What are you doing in the way of running now?
  • Hi All .. And welcome all newcomers.

    Thanks +++ for the words of encouragement. They really helped. I went out today and ran a 4.5 mile circuit in the bright sunshine and really enjoyed it. Also the whole change-run-shower thing done in less than an hour! I think V'rap I will follow your advice and just keep things ticking over for a while and then start seriously training in the new year from what will hopefully be a reasonable base.

    Hope everyone else enjoyed there runs today.

  • Looks like I am in too !

    New to this thread so hello to everyone :-)

    2006 I did 3:45:41 so I really want to knock those 41 seconds off.

    But went to do Edinburgh this year and I am sure I set off too quick, did 8 minute miling for the first 10 miles then the heat got to me and I lost it big time.

    I ended up walking and running the last 3 miles and got in at 4:06 so in a way have lost a little confidence.

    But it was so so hot that day and I felt there were not enough water stations especially in the first stage.

    I will be following Hal Higdons plan as found it so good in the past.
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