FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • Thanks Veloc

    OK, that gives me confidence I am reading the HH prog properly. It's also probably a good idea for me to do little speed work as that tends to be the time when I pick up niggles.

    As I have known I would have a place this year for a long time I have been running a bit all summer, but not in a concerted fashion. Recently I've done a couple of LSDs for 75 mins or so, and a 10k last week which was quite a wake up call. This week I am doing 3 reasonable runs, with a 9 mile LSD planned for Sunday, then the HH starts properly ...(with a rest day on Monday!).

    Am going to discipline myself to keep the LSDs v slow, especially in the early weeks.

    Are you guys following a program yet? I know it's a bit early (most progs are 16-18 weeks) but I have some built in down weeks over the winter and there are bound to be problems along the way.


  • Hello, Crazy Lady. Welcome! You're in the privileged position of KNOWING that you can do it because you've done it before ... do you think you can build up to being able to do 8mm all the way at London? It's less hilly than Edinburgh, and likely to be cooler, and water supply on the course just isn't a problem.

    Bruce, it sound as if you've made a great start already :o)

    I decided that rather than trying to follow the Pfitzinger and Douglas 24-week programme, I'd do a mileage-building programme of my own until early December then pick up the 18-week schedules, adapting them a little to fit in with planned warm-up races and to reflect the fact that I do my three longest runs on weekdays and relatively little running on the weekends.

    17-18 miler for me tonight after work. I am thoroughly looking forward to it despite a slightly twingy calf from doing a tempo session on Sunday wearing new racing shoes.
  • Hi SHaron = I am here too (Lorna) I am probably being too ambitious going for sub 4 but if you don't try ......

  • Thanks Veloc

    I can only try , thanks :-)

    Hello !!

    Lorna go for it !!
  • Yes well if i make it - cocktails are on me post run!! (That's what I did last year anyway, drank Mojitos in Planet Hollywood of all places, the kids picked it).
  • I've just had a rubbish long run and cut it short at around 15 miles. My legs weren't sore, and consciously I was enjoying the run (except when it pelted down with rain), but I struggled to go any faster than 10mm pace and I think my subconscious and my gammy Garmin were conspiring to tell me that there is no need whatsoever for me to do anything longer than 15 miles until mid-December and I should stop doing that made-of-tougher-protoplasm-than-everyone-else thing and ease back for a few weeks.

  • Definetlye ease back I agree it is much too early just yet and I am sure it will do your confindence no good at all.

    I know us runners are stubborn though !

    Has anyone got any races as yet for training ? I really wanted to do the Brass Monkey but it was over subscribed yet again in a matter of days .

    Will be looking for a 20 miler nearer the time for a training run and maybe some halfs.
  • Hi,

    I am new to this thread so I will give you all a brief background.

    Got into FLM which wil be my second marathon. Did Abingdon last month in 4h20 but training was far from optimised so I am sure I can get a good chunk off this time. Maybe sub 4. Probably more like 4:05.

    For abingdon I followed Hal Higdons intermediate II which suited me very well. I liked uncomplicated nature of it. My problem was the final 6-7 weeks before the marathon I had too many life changes and training went out the window. I almost didnt even do Abingdon.I changed my mind at the last minute but was prepared to drop out if it did seem too much. Hence my confindence that a big chunk is due off!

    I also see that lack of training lead to lack of training. While I was following the schedule to the letter I was confident I could complete. When things got difficult and I missed a few runs I lost faith that I could do it which compounded the not running.

    You can never guarantee a distraction free life but I think i would be both easier and harder on myself this time. ie. if i have to move house again accept that training will go on hold for a few days and not worry about it but be vigilent about getting back to it as soon as possible.

    This time it is Hal again!
  • I think I've got my warm-up races planned - Brass Monkey in January (treating it as a sort of interim target race, looking for sub-1.40), probably the Tamworth 10k in February because it's local, and a 20-miler on 18th March. Can't remember its name but it's in Lancashire.

    Keeping my mileage in the low 40s for the next few weeks seems like a good plan. The fact that I can think of 40mpw as being relatively low mileage is in itself a big indication of the progress I've made, and if I do nothing more than a consistent 40mpw with a few 20-mile long runs between now and FLM I'll be better prepared than I ever have been for a marathon. But I'd like to do a little more than that.

    No ill effects from yesterday's run :o) I'll pop out for a little recovery run in the sunshine later.
  • Welcome, Struthie :o) Sorry I missed seeing you at Abingdon!
  • Vrap - chill! You're in fine form, you only just did a marathon in a stonking time. I would say feel dead chuffed with yourself that you can enjoy 15m at 10mm pace.

    I'm just relaxing about my running right now - trying to get out 3 times a week to do a 6 miler, 4 miler and a 10 miler. And that's my lot until I hear about the club places mid December.

    If I don't get an FLM place my current thinking is to build up to a 20miler like Thanet in March. I'm really tempted by Rhayader round the lakes, but it sounds a bit tough for a first timer at that distance. I'll also plan on doing another half, and maybe some nice 10ks or something. And move my marathon plans to Abingdon in the autumn.
  • Panic not Vrap. 40 mpw is more than plenty at this stage. I'm only at 29 and very happy with that.

  • Would love a Brass Monkey place if anyone comes across one !
  • Thanks, peeps :o) I shall relax a bit! Focusing on getting under 1.13.30 for a 10-miler in just over 4 weeks' time might be a good deterrent to trying to do long runs between now and then.

    Rhayader sounds lovely, pidge :o) We were thinking about that one too, but I think we've pretty much decided to go for something a little less challenging. Another year!

  • Hullo to all the new 'uns.
    Went out with the running club I joined for the first time last night. Been running for 3 years, and I've never ran in the evening before !? Strange. Great though to be running with others, instead of the slow plod I did with the neighbour with the dodgy knees for a long time. 6.4 miles, and it felt fast, but I was chuffed I felt comfy. Maybe 46 mins. Relax now until Saturdays Glen Clova Half. The forecast is grim, but they told me last night it's NEVER been cancelled yet, and it's been run in sleet, frost, high winds etc.Should be fun? The leggings will be in the car just in case.
    HRR, thought you were at 27? Secretly added an extra 2 miles eh?!
    Gymbo, how many press ups can you do?
    Leg muscles feel like they've had a wee workout this morning from last nights run. Is there anything I should be doing to have them loose for Saturday, other than relaxing, drinking water,stretching, gorging on pasta, and quoting Burgess Meredith's character in Rocky to the wife every night..."Women weaken legs!" ?

    I'm sure you ladies beat your other halfs off with a stick before a race too!
  • LS - good luck for the Glen Cova half. I am predicting a storming time for you!

    Vrap - I'm secretly pencilling in Rhayader for 2008 now!! How sad is that for advanced planning. It's near to where my parents live, so would be a good excuse for a visit over there.

    Also - welcome new folks. Struthie - sounds like you will knock spots off your Abingdon time.
  • I am really looking forward to seeing what time you do at Glen Clova, LS! Hope you have a great race :o) Just take it easy between now and then, and enjoy the pasta. I seem to recall that in Scotland, "pasta" means "macaroni cheese and chips". That'll insulate you nicely against the, er, climate.

    CL, I will keep my ear to the ground for Brass Monkey places!

    (If we're going to get competitive about press-ups, can I join in please?)
  • LS yes two miles added this week but maybe a couple of weeks with slightly reduced mileage coming up. Children in Need next week; a lot of rehearsal and long 12/13 hour days with a 3am finish Sat morning. Then off to Bruges for the weekend. I think I'll leave the running gear at home and concentrate on the carb loading.
  • LS - well at the moment I can only do 21 in one set but could prob do up to around 50 if I get to rest between sets of 10. That is PROPER pressups mind, none of those girly ones.
  • Ok .. could probably manage 10 press ups at a push. Might even have a go at that later!.

    I'm also quite excited about Glen Clova L.S ( where is it btw?)Hope you have a Fab time.

    Ooooh H.R.R enjoy those Belgian Carbs...and I shall be name dropping when I watch children in need next week. Is it good fun to work on something like that ?

    V'rap hope today's run is more satisfying - I bet you'll find you're flying over the shorter distances.

    I've entered the Helsby 4 Villages Half in January.. if anyones interested in venturing up to Cheshire. Its sposed to be a nice race and is popular . Also don't think it's on the events bit of RW. If you try this www.helsbyrun.freeuk.com/ you should find it !

    Right off to warm up for the pressupathon !
  • Children in Need is one of my favourite gigs of the year 7 hours live television; quite a buzz.
  • QQ, Look in a map, find Scotland, North of Edinburgh you'll see Dundee, 15 miles North again you'll find Kirriemuir( birthplace of J.M. Barrie..Peter Pan etc...If you've seen Neverland, then you'll know all us Angus men look like Johnny Depp.)The B955 North out of Kirrie takes you on a lollipop route of the Glen, with the Half route starting at Clova at the top and running the loop either side of the Glen back to the hotel. Like most roads of this kind, its a bit undulating, but I'm feeling fairly strong, and can only cock it up by starting too fast. The 1:39 I did last week on my own is the new target, and I wonder just how low a lumbering lump like me can run a half? I'll put a watch on and try to run at approx 7:40 min miles, for the first chunk of the race. I'm getting much better now at working out how much is left in the tank, so reckon that with others to hang onto, and a watch to pay attention to, on an accurately marked out course, I've a chance of lowering the PB, although Glen Clova is not exactly billiard table flat.
    We'll see.
    It'll probably snow and blow a gale.

    Ate a mountain of pasta for lunch, and popped into Mums for a plate of stovies on the way home tonight. Drinking gallons of water, and peeing like a horse. Must try now to be resistable to the wife, although looking in the mirror, it won't be easy...
  • L.S...
    Hi ya bud, I know Martin Brunt not sure if it is the same family though?
    Did you move back home? An MOD placing? there is a lot of that going on at the moment...

    hi All,
    You are all well committed, all ready!
    I was at the track on Tuesday for some Speed work with the club but am on a "taper"
    for the "Sodbury Slog" on Sunday. it's supposed to be a 9.5 mile cross counrty event.
    From what i've been told on the thread is that it should be called an Endurance Event - far to much water involved for my liking. But you've got to try these things haven't you?!?

    Training proper starts next week - I hope!

  • Stace,
    Robert, Tony, Timmy, Kevin, Steven, David, Nicky, Dad Trev, Mum Maura. Brunt.
  • LS, best of luck for your race mate. Will keep my fingers crossed. Any chance you could save me a Stovie?

    Good luck to all for your races and runs this weekend
  • L.S...
    Probably a distant couzin then?
    Good luck for the Weekend!

    Good luck all, I'll catch up with all of your activities on Monday...


  • Afternoon commrades

    Sorry i havnt been about lately-when your lass asks you "whens your next race?"-never say "oh not for a few months yet"-"arh well you,ve got time to do the kitchen,bathroom,toilet havnt you"!!!!
    Oh dear!!!!!!
  • I can do 100 full press-ups in sets of 20, but start relying on momentum in the last set. Unfortunately, being able to do lots of press-ups, for me, is just a party trick and doesn't transfer to being able to lift and carry heavy objects.

    More strength training could be in order because our weights bench has arrived and eL Bee assembled it yesterday. The challenge now is to try to stop the two oldest boys from using it to have one of their testosterone-hurling competitions.

    Yesterday's run didn't happen. Life and a severe dose of reptilian mardiness got in the way. My daughters' school had a teacher training day today and I'd taken a day off work because I had my annual appraisal this afternoon, so I slept till 10am and felt a great deal better for it. Had a lovely 10-mile run in the wind and rain this evening, then took our au pair out for another 1.5 miles at a slightly slower pace.

    LS, how long do you intend to oblige your wife to, er, taper for before FLM?
  • Isn't she obliging me by doing me the favour of fighting her overwhelming desires on a nightly basis, enabling me in the long term to improve my stamina, and get me to the stage when I can go non stop for 3 hours and 45 minutes?
    With Sue Barker on hand to interview me when I'm completely drained....especially if Nell McAndrew is also taking part ......I'll need an extra big bowl of porridge that morning, and be careful not to start off too fast, or I'll embarass myself by failing to keep it up as well as I normally do 3 times a week.
    Plenty vaseline on the nipples, and think of anything other than what I'm doing, or I lose my rhythm and start breathing heavy, and pushing far too hard.
    I've never fancied swallowing a gooey gel midway through either... A moustachioed construction worker highly recommended it to me once, saying its full of vitamins.


    The forecast for tomorrow is DREICH !!!
  • >Snigger<

    It's dreich down here too :o( But I can't believe I used to run on a treadmill to avoid going out and hitting the roads on wet days.
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