FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • Evening All and warm welcome on cold day to all Newbies !

    Well Done Jaydubs, Fresh and V'rap on your most excellent times . Fresh..sounds like your really enthused ! Great! V'rap 10 miles in 76 minutes in today's conditions sounds fantastic to me !

    H.R.R. , you're also sounding v.impressive . I think I might have hit 7.30 once... going downhill and with a following wind !

    R.D. Good Luck with quitting the ciggies.. Sending some positive vibes your way.

    I managed a hilly 14+ miles today which was odd in view of the weather. I took it easy and really enjoyed being out in the countryside. Wasn't particularly fast , in fact nearly went backwards up one hill but had a really satisfying run. Funny how different runs can feels from one day to the next isnt it ?

    Right off to wrap presents now.. might have festive glass of Mulled wine... Watched "Polar Express" with kids this afternoon.. (reward after run) So am full of seasonal cheer !
  • Did a very hilly windy HM today
    was not expecting much as I have been off work two days this week due to a nasty cold but ended up surprising myself with a new PB of 1.54.37, wonder what I could have done on a flat course, no cold and no wind? My last HM PB was in sept. Since then I have had a good 3 months of LRs and speed sessions. In the past my HMs have involved a gradual 10 week (ish) build up to 13 miles. this time I have had 3 months at and above 13 miles so it made a big differnce. I have prob done about 6 runs longer than HM which meant my legs felt fine today by the end and my last mile was quite fast (for me), it was my cold that slowed me down overall.
  • Hi All

    Another newbie today, I hope I'm welcome :-) I was supposed to run the FLM earlier this year but 4 weeks before the race I suffered with a severe case of ITB and had to pull out, I was devastated. I still went on the day to cheer everyone on...

    ...I'm in to run 2007 and hope that I've now sorted all issues re the injury, but won't know for sure until I get beyond 15 miles in training- handy!

    Look forward to 'training' and 'chatting' with you all over the next few months.

  • Welcome Macca. Hope the injury has gone, I presume you are doing the correct stretches etc. Was the injury caused during a domestic with Heather ;-)
  • Welcome newbies! Of course you are all welcome, the more the merrier!

    Some superb runs this week end!!
  • Hi Everyone,
    I'm yet another newbie!

    I was wondering if I could pick your brains - I have been building my base mileage over the last couple of months to 25M/wk & I'm now a little confused which Mara training schedule to go for. Another forum recommended Hal Higdons schedule(www.halhigdon.com) which does not seem to require any speedwork/intervals & then there is the RW sub-3.45 schedule which includes them throughout - My question is your experience which one is best schedule?

  • Whichever one you'll be able to stick to without getting injured, Niall :o)

  • not quite a newbie... walking wounded from a skiing crash that ended my FLM bid for 2006 in March.. but I have my deferred golden ticket.

    An operation on each knee and I am back, ready to bite on a stick and start doing some more damage for 2007...maybe even sub 4..

    RD me old buddy - cunning plan renaming the forum to something other than FLM 07 sub 4...ye nearly managed to lose me but found ye in the end...
  • Hi HRR

    I am inded doing the right stretches now - I never earlier in the year so I only hope it will do the trick.

    As for Heather it's only the wallet that's severely hurt!
  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭
    Evening all,
    Thought it was about time i joined an FLM thread to keep me motivated through my training.
    I have a GB place and am desperate for that sub 4!!
    PB is 4:06 in Rotterdam this year,so i am convinced i can do it...injury,and all those nasty little things that can go wrong on the day,permitting.

    So a big hello to everyone:-)
  • Hi Fi, fancy meeting you here! 50p in the swear box for mentioning the R word.
  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭
    Hi Howard,
    Believe me,Amsterdam was way more disapointing...but i am so looking forward to London,i am so sure i can do it this time:-)
    So see you there:-)

  • Snapper!! Welcome mate. Keep of the piste this time ;0)

    Niall, I agree with v.rap. Stay injury free. I have toyed with Higdon, but I prefer RW because of the variety. Speedwork is fun!

    Hello fi fi....welcome. Only a tad to shave off....no problem.

    Off to college now then 5 miles fartlek for me tonight....can't wait.
  • Snapper, you've got me well scared. I'm supposed to be ski-ing in February. Maybe I'll just stick to shopping and sightseeing instead ;o)

    Unfortunately, ALL my other sports are potentially limb-threatening on a large scale, but I'm not ready to take my mother's advice and do something more age-appropriate, like bowling or dominoes.
  • Thanks for the advice Velociraptor & Ripped Dan, I have decided to stick with RW schedule & hopefully try to stay injury free (fingers & everything crossed!).

    Oh heck skiing! don't mention injuries I'm off to the Alps (if there is any snow) at the end of Jan.
    Snapper it must have been one hell of a crash
  • Welwyn Garden City is getting a synthetic ice rink laid for Crimbo - apparently an office outing is in the offing, but I might play the 'marathon' card and wimp out. Don't fancy spending my marathon schedule with a limb in plaster!!!

    Check out my FLM training blog:
  • Scoop, I'd give you the Premature Tapermania Award, except it's MINE because last week I gave Tink an almighty telling-off for putting her hand over my mouth, on the grounds that she might give me the dose of the cold that her siblings (but not she) were suffering.
  • Hi all! Think i could happily settle onthis thread for the next few months. Did 3.56 in the FLM this year after 4 earlier consecutive attempts to beat 4 had all failed.

    got a personal trainer and worked bloody hard but felt on top of the world!

    would like to know what distance all your long runs are up to at this time. I did 15 on Sunday but feel the need to rack it up a bit.

    Had a great slightly hilly run last night too; best for ages, of 7.36m in 1.04 so am looking forward to a weeks skiing and a 'rest'!

  • Displaced Person - my longest run thus far was 11 miles, on Sunday (t'was the furthest I've run for three years). Have been building up from 7, 8, 9 and 10 over the past few weeks.

    Velociraptor - nothing to do with 'premature tapermania'... I'm going on my previous experiences on rollerskates to know I'm gonna be no better on ice!!!

    Check out my FLM training blog:
  • Hi Displaced Person :o)

    My long runs have been around 15 miles for the past 6 weeks and I haven't done one every week. I'll be increasing the distance from next week because the schedules say so.

    Tipping down with rain now ... but I'm changed and ready to go out!

    DP, you're doing training runs at my race pace!
  • Hi all, not had much time to be on the thread over the weekend but thanks for the replies and good reading - Velociraptor - how tall are you then! Good things come in small packages you know!
    I had a busy weekend and did not get in the training I would have liked but some weeks are just like that! I follow a plan that my club coach put together so I am just going to use it again for FLM but with some tweaks to see if I can get sub 3:45. I did do a 1:37 half PB but not running at that pace at the moment due to the injuries I had earlier this year. Club run tonight so a painful 7 miles to come and hoping to do a 10 this weekend with speed session on Thursday night. Quite a few people on the thread seem to be up a reasonably high miles already though I noticed. Seems I am way behind but I'll stick with my plan. How's everyone today?
  • Another 16 miles this morning. Still rather soggy on the Thames towpath but a lovely day in London town. Avge pace around 9 with a slight negative split (second half 2 mins faster than first half). This is probably ahead of most schedules but after two failed attempts at sub 4 and legs that aren't getting any younger I'm really going for it big time. This could well be may last marathon (although I've said that before!)
  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone,
    I see a lot of you are on long runs already.
    I haven't yet found a schedule to follow<<bows head in shame>>
    I am looking at the Advanced Marathoning 55 miles or less over 12 weeks.The Sunday long runs are fine its doing the ML runs in the week that may become a problem.
    Like Hanabana, i run with a club 2 evenings a week,so hope this will help.
    I shall do what i have done in the past and fit in what i can where i can.
  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭
    HRR, well done on 16 miles today.

    Luckily for me there are a few club members training for FLM so no doubt there won't be a shortage of people for company on the long runs...must admit i struggle on my own.

  • Velo Hi!

    Planning to increase to 17 miles this weekend i think.

    Console yourself by looking forward to the skiing, coz by Feb you'll have some snow. But i am going next week and it is looking a bit dodgy at the moment.

    These threads are really an inspiration.
  • was up to 17 miles a few weeks back but due to HM at the weekend did 10 the weekend before then off on holiday for a week next weekend so when I get back it will be a while since I have done 17 (I think my last few weekends have been 17, 16, 10, HM race, this weekend will be shorter due to recvering from HM, will run a bit on hols but too much to do more than 30 mins. Am away for a week so what do you suggest I do when I get back to build back up to my 17?
  • fifi, you've still got time to start the Advanced Marathoning 18-week schedule :o)

    Hanabanana, I'm 156cm and not at all good ;o)

    HRR, well done on 16 miles!

    9-and-a-bit miles for me today, with a bit of strength training thrown in because my clothes soaked up about half my bodyweight in rainwater. I took it very easily - just a little faster than 9.20mm pace - because I'm still recovering from Sunday's race and have a 15-miler planned for tomorrow evening.

    Hoping to manage quite a heavy week of training this week. Next week will have to be a cutback week because our au pair is going home for Christmas so I'll be juggling children and work.
  • Blimey - you guys are doing some big mileage already - best I shape up, don't want to let the side down!

    I did 9 on Sunday...slow session to get in the groove, spped work and hills this week - nice!

    FiFi & Hananban - I was thinking of joing a running club - just wanted you to confirm you think it's a good idea...?
  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭
    Evening all,
    7 miles done and dusted:-)

    Velociraptor,that is very true i could indeed :-)

    Macca,i would definatly recommend joining a club.You can find people running the same pace and faster to give you that extra push.Its also great to be part of a club when you are racing and you have people to meet up with.I find i need people with me on those long runs to keep me motivated.
  • have now received my acceptance and hope to beat last years time of 4.14 without a great deal of training. weather here in scotland torrential rain and gales.
    hoping to fit in training between spells.
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