FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • Hill session tonight - and I had an absolutely FANTASTIC run. I'm in such a good mood about it at the mo!

    Read why in my FLM training blog:

    And to Macca, I would definitely recommend joining a running club. There's so much encouragement from like-minded people, you'll find your running improves in leaps and bounds (not literally, that would be crazy!!!)
  • hi guys

    just popped in from the 'bit like sub-4 (but 15 minutes quicker)' forum to say hello

    recognise a few of the names from other threads, addictive isn't it this marathon lark ?

    just did a 16 miler last weekend, first long run for a couple of months as have been struggling at bit with a hamstring tweak...my own fault for trying to run faster..damm interval training.

    yep a club is the way to go, had a very enjoyable 7.65 mile tempo run last night, a good run gives you a high for days

    anyone racing opp narth ? brass monkey snake lane 10 ? might see you there


  • Thanks for that everyone - i'll be at the club next Thursday for sure!

    Can't this week as I'm away in France on business, so I gues I'll have to run up some hills in the Pyranees on my own :-(
  • Am not happy, did a HM on sun, my knee hurt towards the end (have had lots of probs in the past) was ok yesterday in the day then had to stop in the eve on a club run as it was so bad I could not do any more.
    When I last did a HM had knee probs at the end then on the next few runs. Went back to the physio who said it was jsut the combination of speed adn hills. This time I was more prepared but it is worse this time. Should I worry or will it heal with rest? - it is my ITB and am doing lots of exercises and stretches for it
  • Hi Guys,

    I am aiming for the 3.45 mark as well so I thought I would join in.
    I am a club runner and I have got a lot out of it since I joined. I am a bit concerned that a lot of you are already up to 16/17 miles. I have been doing a few shorter races over the last few weekends so the most I did was a 10 miler off road, last sunday was a 7ish very hilly off road. I surpose I had better start getting some milage in.
    Where are you getting your training schedules from?
  • Hellen

    Keep up the exercises and stretches your physio gave you. I had ITB problems, over time it cleared up with work from physio and also I think I have got a lot stronger in the legs now.
  • Morning to you all. The FLM will be my first marathon having got a GB place with Well Child. Having run 1.43 for a HM earlier in the year, I was optimistic of aiming for 3.45 to 4.00 but seeing the mileage all of you seem to be doing am I being too optimistic in my aspirations? I'm currently running 5-6 miles 3-4 times a week although this is as much due to recovering from quite a long term foot injury (which now seems to have been 'cured' by investing in custom orthotics)and trying to build up a good base reasonably slowly. Thanks
  • Stuart, thanks, did you keep having relapses?
  • Bucks, no, you're not being too optimistic provided you can build up your long runs over time. Which you're doing :o)

    Hellen, sorry to hear your ITB has flared up. I've got a niggly ITB too. It led to me DNFing a marathon just over a year ago and was still there when I started running again in July this year after a very long break. It took me a little while to realise what it was, and it responded very quickly to some specific stretches. It still mutters from time to time, but slinks off if I stretch it.

    Keep doing what you're doing :o)

    Stuart, don't worry. Some of us have a high mileage base from having done an autumn marathon. You've got lots of time to build up.

    15-miler for me this afternoon. The schedules call it a "medium-long run". That's just showing off, IMHO.
  • Is it me or is it simply vile running in this weather? I can't seem to get warm anymore. Hope I am not coming down with manflu. That's quite a serious condition as all the g.p.'s will probably back me up on ;)
  • Yes, RD, it's just you. The rest of us all relish running in freezing winds and horizontal rain and darkness and fog, and love having soggy hair and numb fingers and toes, and there can be no joy to compare with the feeling of rain running down your waterproof-jacket-that-isn't-really and dripping into your trainers.

    It's blowing a gale here now. The roof is rattling and the plant-pots in the fully-enclosed courtyard are on their sides and rolling around. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to my 15-miler tonight!

    As for manflu ... the most effective treatment is to stay in and do the housework instead of going to the pub, and television makes it worse. Are you feeling better yet?

  • Much better thanks v rap! I could stay in and do those things...I could. Think I will brave the weather instead though ;0)

    May try 10 tonight.
  • thanks Vel, thats kind of reassuring. all is not lost. the first time I had it bad was nov last year, coudlnt run for 3 months then started up again did a couple fo HMs then had a relaspe and had to cut my runs down to about 2 miles for a few weeks before building up very gradually. Instructions from physio were 0.5 miles each run affter two successful runs. Didnt quite follow his rules but almost. got up to HM again in sept but it played up towards the end so was worried I had had anohter relapse, after a couple of weeks of it twinging even on short runs I was OK again until sun. So jsut worried that it is another relapse although hopefully it will go away with a little rest and sports massage tommmorrow - ouch!!!
  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭
    Hi all,
    Hellen,i too suffer with ITB problems,as soon as i get a niggle i stretch harder and if its still there i go straight to physio.The cause of mine is always the muscles sticking at the hip.I think if you catch it early and see physio you will be fine.

    I have decided not to start the longer runs until the new year,i think this still gives me plenty of time without risking injury.
    I ran Amsterdam in October and my leg cramped at 18 miles so i had to hobble the last 8 miles.I have given my calf plenty of time to heal and my running is ticking over nicely:-)

    As for running in carp weather,i hope we get some snow coz i love running when its snowing.
  • I like running when it's snowing too. I also love running when it's icy cold, freezing fog the lot.

    What I hate is leaning into gales and the constanr rain. Running is a bit of a chore at the moment. I am sure things will change. Did my ten tonight in a rather un inspiring 1hr 40 mins.

    I know a lot of people on the thread are doing big mileage but as v.rap said, many of us did autumn marathons. There is tumps of time left yet to do more than enough training. There is plenty of time left also to burn yourself out so dont go chasing big big mileage yet unless you are already there. Any of that make sense?

    Time for bed dap! Not smoked for a while now, or at least it seems like it. Ms. Dap thinks it's great, well you have to find something else to do with your hands don't you?!

    Night night friends
  • Well done on staying off the weed, RD. I trust Ms Dap is treating you like a superhero.

    I was about the same pace as you last night - just a few seconds under 10mm pace for my 15-miler, including my first 11-minute-mile since July. The Garmin wasn't fibbing, I really was blown to a standstill on a long updulate. My consolation is that the splits may look chaotic on paper, but they suggest that I'm quie good at running to perceived effort :o)

  • sometimes can't quite believe the garmin either Velo, but at least it stops you kidding yourself !! Like you it also highlights the effect of the wind, on tuesday when I did the out and back with the Ilkley Harriers, the 8 min miling on the way out felt effortless (well not too hard anyway) but the just under 9 min miling on the way back felt way harder.

    Even so do like running in the wind and rain and especially the snow. feels like a winter wonderland when the flakes are coming down heavy,just have to wartch you don't slip.

    wouldn't worry too much about the lack of long distance at the moment, as long as you start to build the mileage up in the new year you'll be fine. One tip I would give (from bitter experience) is that you do need to get the long runs in mostly on the road ! one year I did all my long runs off road round a local reservoir and although it meant I didn't get any injury niggles in training, on the day after about 8 miles my legs were not at all happy as they weren't acclimatised to the road !!!

    anyway enjoy the running in the wind and rain and hope the injuries clear up


  • WEll I bottled totally last night. At lunchtime I thought I was going to go over in the wind and so decided against a speedsession in the evening. Will now try and do it at the gym at lunchtime. It is still ridiculous here - so many roads closed.

    No long runs for me till Jan either, IT band problems have haunted ALL of my marathons till now and I am determined to do it pain free this time.
  • >Shivers at thought of running in the snow.<

    Hi beders :o)

    I used to go to the gym and run on the treadmill, or fiddle around on the steppy thing, or swim, rather than run outdoors when there was a lot of weather going on, and deluded myself that it was somehow equivalent to road-running. I hated the treadmill (and MTV!) so much that even the soggiest, windiest, trudgiest, heckliest run outside feels like a pleasure in comparison. And at the end I'm logging a good honest road run.

    Almost all my runs are on unforgiving concrete pavements. I've had a couple of annoying injuries over the years but >crosses fingers< my legs seem to be toughening up.

    Nice off-road cross-training for me this weekend, all being well :o) A day splashing around the hills in Mudrocs on Saturday. Then a race on Sunday.
  • I'd have bottled out if I'd had your weather yesterday, GA! It sounds horrible.
  • hi guys...

    ex FLM 2006 sub4 poster here. Posted a link from that site to this in case any others look in.

    Trying to get back into routine before the serious stuff starts in a couple of weeks - but been put off by 1) the weather - don't mind the cold can't stand the wind 2) picking up a virus 3) having a demanding lifestyle!

    No long runs for me for weeks but feel pretty strong so looking forward to the build up through Jan/Feb.

    My only concern is a pain that develops in my big toe joint over time - soon goes away after the run but can be quite uncomfortable during. No idea what it could be...

    Working late tonight so no outing for me - mind you can't stray too far from the WC at the moment (sorry more information than you need!) - must get out Friday or Saturday.

    Cheers for now


  • In agree with bedders. I think you need a mixture of road and off road running. Too much road work and you are in danger of picking up injuries; too little and you dont get chance to get used to it.
  • Afternoon guys!

    Wind - what wind I wondered last night - I was flying along during my 8 miler, felt fantastic, then turned along the sea front and was like that old Talking Heads video clip "we're on a road to no-where"

    Sitting here now staring out the window at the waves and the horizontal rain - dont want to go.......

    Old Hippo's wise words (she posts in loads of other threads) keep going round in my head......

    "no-one can tell you how to feel
    YOU are the one to do the training-or not
    YOu are the one who has to face the music on the day"

    So i'll brave it - and I guess the soggy shoes tomorrow morning - Yech!

    This is great - just motivated myself - how therapeutic is this forum!!
  • Oh and Dap - well done with the smokes - good on you....and thanks for the reassurrance re the mileage - bit daunting to see some of you are up to 15 miles already!!

    Anyway I'm off out - se ya later - if its too bad I can always click my heels 3 times have a "thre's no place like home" matra and i'll be whisked back in a flash ..?
  • Alegna, how did u set up your justgiving page ?
    Did the charity have to set up too, paying £20 a month ?
    I was under the impression the 5% they took was enough.
    Its ok for bigger charities who have numerous runners, but not the wee ones.
  • Hope you feel better soon, DtF :o)

    It looks as if we're about to get a serious deluge here. But I have a 6-mile recovery run to do and time to do it, so off I shall go. My legs feel much better today than they did at this time yesterday. I suspect I had a bit of DOMS from racing hard on Sunday.

    Tonight I'll be domestic-goddessing because my darling son has promised his teachers that I'll make them a cake. He's asked for a complicated confection involving ring-moulds and marbling and icing and little sugar trees and rock formation. He's getting a boring old cherry almond loaf.

    I'm not bothering with any Christmassy baking this year. I've just bought a load of stollen at 99p a kilogram, there's a huge Christmas pud that I bought in the January sales hidden somewhere in my Cavern, and I shall splash out on some fruit cake from Bryson's when I'm in the Lake District this weekend.
  • hi velo , yep the outside is so much better, you must have tough legs from all the concrete ! mmmm cakes , I'd be happy to finish off any leftovers ????

    Hi LS , see you're multiforuming, addictive isn't it ? Let me know about that 'just giving' page, might have a bash at it to ease the fund raising burden.

    was roped into a business lunch today , and that's after a breakfast meeting at 7.00 so managed to squeeze in a 4 mile off roader up through bluebell woods in ilkley in between all the eating so i don't feel too guilty.it was a lovely run though, the wind dropped (a bit) and the rain held off so had great fun blasting up and down the woods in the mud giving my 'mudclaw' fell shoes a bit of a workout.

    Last FLM I didn't run on the moors at all right through the winter sticking to the 'first' 3 day run, 3 day x-traini schedule but don't think I'll be doing that this year. Will do my best to maintain the interval/tempo/long runs on the road but will get out on the fells once or twice a week as a 'recovery'run rather than blasting away at the x-training, it's much more fun.

    keep on keeping folks


  • not happy, just been for a run and only managed 3 miles due to ITB, was fine up to 2 miles then it started, I was very good though and took the shortest route home running and walking so as not to aggrevate it more than necessary. The only conselation is that it started later than on tues, on tues it came on after about a mile I think. My hamstrings are still tight from the HM on sunday so am hoping that that is why. have a massage this eve so hope that helps.
  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭
    LS,setting up a just giving page is easy.
    My charity sent me their link so i have their logo on it.Don't know anything about £20 just the 5%.
  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭
    Hellen,just keep on with those stretches throughout the day.Hope the massage helps.
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