FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • fi fi, do you find you get it every so often then? When I originally was diagnosed it took months of gradually building up milage to beable to do a HM. I had to drop right down to runs of 1 mile then build up really slowely. I really dont want to have to do that again. When you get it how long, typically does it take to be back to normal?
  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭
    Hellen,when i first got it,training for my first mara,it took about 4-6 weeks of physio and a lot of cross training later,to make it to the start line pain free.
    Now i know the stretches that work for me, i do them before and after my runs.I do get the occasional niggle,so i stop and stretch hard then carry on.I have a great physio if i feel its not going away.

    Do you know what is causing your IT to rub?
  • LS - as fifi says, setting up the site is very easy once your charity is associated with them - although my charity is small they were already affliated......I thought that just giving took 5% and reckon that if most people "gift-aid" then the charity still gets the amount people pledge (and a little bit left over from the gift aid.

    Hellen, take it easy with your knee - do you know that its your ITB causing the problem? Maybe take a trip to your local sports physio and see what they say - its still early days so still pleny of time to sort it out, rather than leaving it and either having to "retire" or doing a mischief - my only other advice is that ice is magic - try it after your run for 20-30 minutes....
  • ((((((((Hellen))))))))

    Take it very easy this week - you've just run a hard race! I hope the massage helps.
  • Oh! and Hellen,

    those foam rollers things are great to stretch out a tight ITB - you can buy them in good sports stores - I got mine online;


    look under the rehab section

    But agree with V.rap take it easy
  • I understand now that to be registered with justgiving costs each charity £15-£20 a month, and once registered, then any amount of fundraisers can set up separate pages.
    So my dinky wee old folks day care centre will have to accept it as a small admin cost to reap in more donations with 28% added gift aid. I have e-mailed my big boss in London to see if the company will pay for it.
    Only done a 42:51 hilly 6.2 mile run this week. A PB on that particular route by a massive 6 seconds ! Do the rest of you find it more of a mental strain doing quick shorter runs, or slow long 'uns ? Were it not for my right Achilles feeling sore, I would be up tomorrow for my long run. Must be the soft new Saucony's. After last weeks 15 miler, I was all set to rack up another.
    What is ITB ?
    How far do you have to run to burn off the fat from a couple of mince pies washed down with a bottle of red ? Will the proliferation of selection boxes etc push my training back 3 months ??
  • This thread triggered a thought to nip up to see the physio at Brechin City. Just got back, with a lovely pair of Viscoelastic heel cushions, and his assurance that they will solve my wee niggly ache ! All voluntary after hours work for the good of the people of Brechin at zero cost, not even for the cushions ! Tell me you can get a better level of service in a heaving metropolis and I'll send for the men in white coats for you !
    So the alarm will be set for 5am, for a 5.20 start, for an approx 7.05 finish, as I'll do the 13.1 run tomorrow. If I had one of those fancy gels that did me proud last week, I might have gone for the 15.
  • Thanks for the advise.
    I use one of those foam rollers when I go to the gym. It used to be really painful on my IT band but now it is bearable. I also have 'the stick' which I use at home
    my ITB is caused by my weak glutes and tight hamstrings. Will keep up the exercises and stretches. Jsut abck from painful massage - no pain no gain so lets hope it helps!!
  • I've only done a 4 miler this week as shins hurt. Once I get into my runs I am fine but I and am concerned when I start doing 4 or 5 runs a week from next week I will struggle. I don't have much 'soft' ground near where I live so that could be an issue. Will have to arrange to be at my girlfriends at the weekends so I can run round tooting bec common. :)

    For those with a GB place: I have noticed on the my justgiving page (www.justgiving.com/laslettmarathon/) that gift aid is not included in the totals this year, looking back on my friends page from last year gift aid was included. Do you know if charity place fundraising requirements include the giftaid or not? hmmm
  • Hi All.

    Hellen , fingers crossed the physio has helped. I had some Itb trouble in September while trainig for my local (and rather hilly) half and had two sessions of friction massage (ouch) which together with exercises seemed to sort it out. I took a week out then started running again and seemed to run through it, so it sounds like a milder case than yours. You do have my sympathy tho .. really hope it settles down soon.

    L.S. you put me to shame - the thought of getting up at 5.20 is truly horrid. Well done you for having that kind of discipline ! Awesome.
    I'm planning a short tempoish run tomorrow in the 2 hours that my son is in nursery. I have loads to do but I'm going to treat myself to a run ! Christmas cards can wait !

    I've agreed to run from Macclesfield to Buxton with a (fast) friend of Mr QQs and some others on Sunday morning. It will involve a fair number of hills so am quite nervous/excited - it will certainly be a challenge

  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭
    Fast club run tonight,bath had and pizza eaten...and a little glass of red:-)

    LS,i too can't help myself when it comes to mince pies and red wine...but this is why i run:-))

    QQ,i can't get motivated to write my Christmas cards either,supposed to be doing them now...but that would get in the way of the forum.
  • Well, no FLM place for me through my club either, so am finally going to slope off this thread and try to kick myself into action by scheduling in some other races for 2007. Thinking about a 10 miler for Jan, and maybe a 20miler in March. Then will pick an autumn full marathon instead. Feel pretty pleased to have an excuse to slacken off over Christmas now and indulge in too much wine and mince pies!

    So .... good luck one and all. I promise to pop back in every once in a while to see how you're getting on.
  • That's a shame, Pidge :o(

    Enjoy your running - there's loads to do in the sprong apart from FLM :o)

  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭
    I agree with V.Rap,loads to do.
    I can recommend Rotterdam in April,a PB course and easy to enter.

    btw there will be no slacking if you want those mince pies:-)
  • Isn't Rotterdam, er, a little unscenic?
  • mmm mince pies !! just as well I run otherwise I would be clinically obese instead of just overweight.

    that's a blast from the past Fresh81, used to live in Tooting many many years ago, ahh memories . must admit nice though tooting bec is, I much prefer the moors and fells round ilkley, damm hard to get to the tops, but very very scenic once you do.

    Don't get too down pidge, as fi fi and velo say, plenty of other runs about. Thanks for that link to justgiving BTW, as I've got my gold bond place for epilepsy action, I'll be having a look to see how it works, sounds a good idea.

    off for an easy 5-6 miler at lunchtime before the staff xmas party tonight and then up 6.00 tomorrow morning to fit in my long run, hopefully 16-18 miles depending on how many mince pies i eat tonight.

    have a good days running


  • Well I ended up doing 4 x 800's at the gym. I must have looked a right eejit, sweat pouring off me while eveyone else was doing the gentle exercise thing. Happily I did them in the 'right' time but I am shattered today. BUT will perseve.

    Happy mince pies everyone, I am on a highish protein, 'lower than normal' carb diet at the moment so the mince pies are on severe rationing.
  • 5 miles fartlek this morning completing 32.25 miles for the week
  • Mince pies are safe when I'm around but Christmas pud and stollen aren't.

    I had an interesting Christmas dinner request yesterday. My 12-year-old asked for lots of sprouts because they're yummy :o) And Yorkshire pudding, which I'm sure isn't traditional.
  • HRR, you're doing grand !
    I set off at 6 with my heel cushions in, but realised after half a mile that I wasn't gonna make the ache go away by running on it, and so I about turned and came home. The plan now is to wear these inserts in all my shoes, the achilles will calm down, then hopefully won't go sore again when I go running.
    No big worry. Still blame the impulsive wife for buying me a different pair of trainers when the Adidas Supernova's got tatty.

    Merry Christmas everyone !

    The Little Stoker.
    Sat feet up in front of a roaring coal fire.
    Gently rotating and stretching his tender Achilles.
    Glass of red in hand.
    Mince pies at the ready.
    Jammie bottoms and t-shirt on.
    Listening to the wind howl outside.
    Creating a mask for my son with wire, pliers and papier mache.
    Listening to Nina Simone, wishing one day to be able to play the piano section on "My Baby Just Cares For Me."
    A glance in the mirror confirms the Steve McQueen blue eyes are still there, but also the Jack Nicholson hair line.
    A listen upstairs confirms that the 3 litle angels I once held in my arms who smelt of talcum powder, are now 3 loud, opiniated, permanently hungry, primary school kids who stink of trouble, use Dad as a punchbag/taxi/mobile bank, and as yet show no signs of becoming millionaire virtuosos at anything, unless teethbrushing in a lacklustre fashion becomes an Olympic sport.

    As Frank Sinatra once sang..." Oh, The Good Life....?"
  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Lol LS...sounds like perfect family life.

    V.Rap,Rotterdam is definatly anything but scenic,but i would do it again.The field is small,i think about 11,000 this year.The crowd support isn't great,but that really doesn't bother me.As long as there are other runners around me i don't need the crowds.The other good thing is Rotterdam is so small that all the hotels are 5-10 min walk from start/finish.

    I think the only thing worrying me about FLM is the amount of runners and being able to keep the pace.
  • Fresh, I'm afraid its true - the pledged amount does not include any of the gift-aid amount.......
  • "Rotterdam anything bt scenic" is a bit of an understatement. As for the crowds! I was really struggling around mile 23 when this earnest woman shouted something in Dutch at me. I asked her to repeat it in english and she said "You should be running faster!"
    I wont be running Rotterdam again ever!
  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭
    HRR,but you must have enjoyed the company:-)
  • whoh, the just giving sight works doesn't it, only set it up this morning and got £90 already, thanks for the link fi fi. And don't worry about the FLM, just don't waste energy trying to overtake at the begining and it'll soon thin out enough to overtake relatively easily after a few miles. Wouldn't worry about the pace either, thet'll be loads of people slower than you especially towards the end, if you're still moving at a jog you'll be faster than a good half of the runners !!

    You'll miss them when they've gone LS, my youngest left home 3 months ago and it certainly felt strange to start with. There again soon got used to it, now it feels a bit of a pain when he pops over for the night (last night). Really looking forward to all 3 of them coming over for xmas...still it's only once a year.

    oh yeah did a 5.8 mile run at lunchtime in 49.30 , was supposed to be an easy run but felt suprisingly good so it it ended up nearer a tempo run. Wish I felt as good as that for all my runs !!

    have a good weekend partying/training/racing ..or all 3


  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭
    Thats great beders,have you got a target?
    I am just trying to spread the word about mine,need to start e-mailing people and hope to get something in the local paper in the new year.
    I have just got my entry form from my charity and they want my PB time and expected finish time.Not sure if this will make a difference to my start pen...or do the charities all get put in the same pen?
  • Got my acceptance mag today :o)

    I'm number 16315.

    Never had a number lower than 40000 before!
  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭
    Number 47036 for me...hope that doesn't mean i have to go at the back dressed as a womble.
  • man this place is busy - RD tks for the advise on stayign on the piste - you stay off the fags and its a deal... been reading back thru the posts - mucho Drs in the house at least 5 then with the moniker - must be something to do with subjecting yourself to long suffering with very little obvious reward!!!
    looks liek a loda of zeal in her this year - and lost of people on serious program already - i still havent got past 3 miles yet!!
  • Fi make sure you put your fastest possible predicted finishing time down on your entry form. That way you'll hopefully get a better starting pen.
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