FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • Brilliant Shimmy! I know what you mean about the surface, we have trail runs in Delamere Forest and it's really tough work.

    I had a good run today, a real improvement on last week.  I decided to cut back a little, and follow a flat route, so I ran into town and around the ring road to the leisure centre where I filled up my bottle.  That was 10 miles, with a 5 mile flat run back, but I was feeling pretty good so I added in the part of the route that I'd missed earlier and ended up on 18.5, so still a cut back but finished feeling human at least.
  • Oooh, sorry Claire, I love Micheal Owen good to see him score at Wembley, lets hope Villa go on to win though..
  • Shimmy, well done, although sorry you had to drop out.

     Benyo, also sorry to hear you are still suffering.

    13 partly muddy miles yesterday that was ok. With the Stinger next w/e and the Brighton trail marathon 3 weeks later I should hit the 500 mile build up target prior to London, although I don't train specfically for any marathon. Have also lost 2lbs of the half stone by the VLM and stone by the summer targets.

    Got wet and cold this morning marshalling the Henfield 9. Part of the course was flooded and I really admired everyone who did it, particularly the backmarkers who were out for nearly 2 hours!

  • Thanks all for support re knee problem.

    Well done all on some great weekend running especially the Monnlight Challengers Mr and Mrs S!!

    I was with the boys watching Mrs Benyo do her first Half Marathon at Tunbridge Wells!  She finished with a big smile on her face and was very strong. She ran with 2 friends the whole way and they supported each other. The time was not as good as I know she can do but the main point was to enjoy her first half. I was delighted as she said she enjoyed the whole run which in such bad conditions bodes well for the future! 

    Whilst Mrs B was running we all went swimming at the leisure centre pool at race HQ.

    Stinger is out for me too of course SDM . Hope to be back there in 2011.

  • Well done to Mrs Benyo, that's great that she enjoyed it.

    I marshalled at the x country race we hosted this morning, I really enjoyed it!

    Someone at the race this morning was telling me about a fell race next Sunday, being held in Congleton.  I am due to do a long off road run, but to be honest I just can't face running long road distances as part of my marathon training, I just enjoy the off road running so much more.  So, what I'm saying is, I think I'm gonna enter this fell race, its 9 miles.

    No comment re footie image

  • SDM & Mr P sounds like good runs. Benyo, glad Mrs B did so well.  Shimmy sounds like a laugh even if you did have to drop out in the end. Very silly distance!

    Been lashing down with rain here this morning again, so delayed my run until this afternoon. Still blinking cold and water, water, everywhere. Had to divert into a field at one stage to go round a flooded part of the road.

    Managed 17.5 Miles, so happy, but I had forgotten how hard it becomes after about 14/15. Legs tiring at the end, but could have gone on for a while I think.  Not helped by 2 big hills in the last mile.

    Feeling it tonight!

    Boing for TMA

  • it was a really good laugh!!! We both really enjoyed it.  Not worried about dropping out.  Many people did including a pirate so no shame there.

    Bring on the 50.

    I think one problem was that due to the fact that there were no hills ... we forgot our walk breaks.  We were ploughing on and on and on and on and on.....

  • Chin up Benyo mate - sounds very similar to my grating joint...............MRI definitely the answer as it'll show up exactly what the problem is so really push them in that directiion if you can. Keeping fingers crossed for you.image

    Well done on all the good running everyone. Weather was truly awful here this orning but I'd agreed to lead the 'club sunday run' this week so was forced out - afraid it was another pisspoor lethargic effort from me (luckily it was very easy-paced). We did an undulating (and flooded in parts) route, and with jog to the meet point I did just under 20m. Unfortunately about 20 minutes dwn on what I'd expect for that distance and felt like poo from about half way. Ho hum, at least it's miles in the legs I guess. Feel fine tonight (that could be the wine though).image

    Sorry about the footie Claire - best team won though (even though it pains me to say it)image

  • Is it the cloud 9 Claire?
  • I'm starting to push myself and my legs are starting to recover. Did my normal route yesterday, when jogging it takes 60 mins, it used to be 50 mins when I was pushing it, yesterday I did it in about 47 mins.

    Today, did 10 repeats of 400m each one at about 1:40. I thought I could do them faster than that, but I'm not getting any younger (56).

    Aiming for 10K at clapham common this coming weekend. My pb is 52 mins, but I would really like to get under 50 mins one day. That is 8 min miles by my calculations. 

    Off to norway again tomorrow morning, so no training for two days.

  • OS, 20 miles is 20 miles - most of our LSRs are at 10min mile pace or less. Are you doing the Brighton trail marathon.

    Ultrasound on the heel tomorrow - never felt it all on the half marathon, yet it was quite painful after 45mins on tm!

  • OS - 20 miles is great so stop moaning! This week I've done zero miles due to my back - fortunately it does seem to be easing off now so I'll try 30 mins on a tready tonight.

  • imageHmmm  - could say that a sh*t 20m is a sh*t 20m !! I know it's miles in the bag but everything at the moment is slow, lethargic and doesn't feel good at all. It's all a big struggle (and I don't think it is even down to the knee - once I've warmed up it doesn't hurt much, just the occasional feeling of locking up/giving way).

    SDM - probably won't do Brighton trail as don't want to jeopardise Brigton Road/VLM. May have a go at the Surrey Spitfire on 28th instead - wuill see how next couple of CLSRs go.

    Essence - good stuff. Should be under 50m with those kind of efforts ?

  • Mr P - it is the Cloud 9 - have you done it?

    Belvoir Results are out, I was 5th lady out of 339 - whoop whoop imageimageimage

  • Wow !! Brillant, well done !imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage
  • Thanks OS, am chuffed!  Considering I stopped a few times re mud, laces coming undone, throwing tantrums as the brambles were attacking me and eating cake and check point 2!

    Hope everyone is ok...quiet on here today!

    Shimmy, how is Mr Shimmy's ankle and your aches and pains?

  • OS - No, there is no such thing as a sh*t 20 miler.  You ran 20 miles which is further than 99.9999% of the country this weekend and will help you run 26.2 better in the future, so stop being a grumpy old man and be glad you did it. image
  • Claire, well done indeed.

    Up in London again today, so hope I have a better journey back!  Thw shin I injured in the gap is still sore and a bit swollen - it doesn't stop me running, but it's uncomfortable, so I hope it improves by the w/e.

  • Thanks CStar, but it just seems very difficult/hard work at the moment, nothing like last 3/4 late winter/spring periods - wonder if this weekend I suffered a bit from having done too much training during the week (had stepped up from recent weeks and reintroduced a couple of harder sessions with intervals etc). Will see how things go this week and maybe try another 20m this coming weekend.

    SDM :


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    My last 20 miler was s**t, my last 18.5 miler was great, dunno why, but you have enough experience of good runs and bad runs not to be fazed by a blip OS, if it were someone else, I bet you'd tell them to back off at the weekend and go again when they felt more lively image.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Sorry Claire, I haven't done it, but the view at the top is fantastic.

    I've volunteered to help out at a local 5 miler organised by the Hospice that I'm runnnig at london for, so no race on sunday. There is some truly spectacular scenery there, shame you don't geyt it in the Half marathon.

  • 30 mins on the tready unscathed........and noooooo shoooooos! Dontcha just love Mizuno Creations?
  • I'm still here!  Work is manic, my life is manic - how I manage to get to run is beyond me!  We were supposed to do a half mara on Saturday/Sunday according to my schedule but couldn't find one near us so we did it on our own, trying to run at half mara pace.  It was SO hard - my sister was down for the weekend from York so we'd had a few on Saturday night which didn't help!  Managed 1.58 which, considering everything (and the bloody awful weather), we were quite pleased with! 

    We're starting dance lessons this evening just to add to my manic life!

    Oh, and i'll turn 46 on Thursday - just about a week before Dalya does the same I think!

    Well done to everyone running long distances - I have skimmed through the last few pages but will try and catch up more over the next few days xx

  • Mr P - if it was juyst the one run I wouldn't be bothered - but it's the last 4 or 5.................................

    AdyP - they still throwing new kit at you or are you paying for it these days ?

    TMA - levely out on Sunday wasn't it ?image

  • Mornin' all,

    lovely morning here.  Would rather be out running than sitting in an office. image

    Hang on in there OS, 

  • What a beautiful day it's been

    Got a club run tonight...I feel really tired today, but want to go tonight, it's a nice 5/6 miler torch run.

    It's so hard fitting in runs around everything MTA.  I was going to go about Nige moaning about my running etc and at least your OH runs...but I think we've been here before!!

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I'm trying to get out to run/gym but Mrs P isn't in yet.  I've roasted a chicken and cooked some pasta for a nice salad later.

    I fancy a go on the rowing machine then a bit on the treddie.

  • Had to leave work early to collect JS from one of his sports clubs, ended up being cancelled so went for a cheeky 6m as I was home early. Nice evening for it - cool and fresh. Still felt like a leaden lump of lard though !! Humus, toasted pitta bread and salad for me - yum ! (Oh, and no booze......)image

    Might try to get to club tomorrow - it's a track session, so at least it won't be hilly !

  • I just felt it's important that someone posts at 3:29 am!
  • OS, stick to that diet and you'll soon be flying - at least I hope it works for me!

    Tough intervals session on the tm yesterday - rather than my usual pyramids, went from 6mph straight to 9mph that is hard enough for a minute, let alone 13 or 26 miles.

    Can't get any response from the organisers of the Brighton Trail Marathon as to how to enter - although the postal entry date has passed, I think it's very unlikely they've reached the 1,000 limit.

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