FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • Welcome aboard, Kozzie :o) Sounds like you're about the same place as me, except I wasn't carrying extra weight when I set my current PBs so any improvement I make has to be from training alone.

    QQ, I'm also 5'1" and have quite narrow wrists, and the 205 is fine, though the strap isn't quite as comfortable as the one on the 201. I took it out for a little toddle around the block last night and it picked up the signals well.

    I didn't go for the 305 because I'm a bit of a technophobe and would rather run to perceived effort than to heart rate. Actually, I'd rather run to what my legs feel like doing, but I realise that's a fast track to either a plateau or burnout.
  • I'm going to do the Lichfield 10k on Sunday. My 10k PB is around 52.30, but I've done 51.22 in training recently (though the run was downhill overall at that point) and will be having a tilt at sub-51.

    I'll do a little recovery run today, probably a bit of speedwork tomorrow, and rest (with some indoor climbing) on Saturday.
  • Velociraptor, don't be too surprised if you go sub 50! Strange things happen during the 'buzz' of a race.

    Best of blinking luck to you!
  • Thanks, RD :o)

    51 minutes would be sub-8.30 minute miling, which is about 15 seconds per mile faster than my short training runs. The race atmosphere and a good dose of rest and porridge could make up the difference. I think shaving off an extra 10 seconds per mile to go sub-50 might be asking a little too much at the moment.

    I'll crack 50 minutes in the spring.
  • Thanks to you all for the great encouragement! I will flippin' well go for it then and see what happens.

    HRR - I am just back to doing some speedwork after a foot injury, I agree it is really helpful, so last night did 8 x 90 secs with 45 secs recovery. I plan to do 2 hard sessions each week (speed/hills etc) and then make up the other with recovery/easy/tempo runs. Build on this base up till Christmas and the start a schedule proper in Jan.

    I too love my Garmin for the speed and distance bits but I've got the 301 and just can't get the hang of the HR stuff - must try harder! Are the new ones (205/305) a bit more 'robust' in terms of finding and retaining satellites?

    V-rap - good luck for Sunday, I'm sure you'll do really well. My 10k pb is still only 56.32 so quite a way to go... Sadly, my pb's were also set this year so mostly post-weight loss therefore I have lots of hard training to do too.

    (I have to confess that you and I have actually met! I changed my forum name ages and ages ago but don't get to post that often - you might remember me as Katy and I certainly remember you for the lovely welcome you gave me at Mudchute FLM 05! - Great to 'see you'again - hope all is well?)
  • Good for you Kozzie!

    Also, impressed with the training plan.. I should certainly start doing some more speedwork. I had a fledgling attempt at some hill reps last evening (very low key) but I guess that's a start.I'm sure I will be more inspired when I get my shiny new Garmin... thanks all for info , you have convinced me !

    Good luck in Lichfield V-rap hope you manage sub 51.. and as Ripped Dap says, you never know you may go faster and have to revise your spring target!

    I'm planning on running my local Half route on saturday am in preparation for the race itself on 1st October. It's quite hilly so I would like to know that I can get round it even at a jog !

  • Thanks QQ - the trouble with a training plan is that I actually have to follow it now to have any chance of improving!

    The thing I've found about hills and speed (personal opinion btw - I'm certainly no expert) is that it is all about repetition and quality - what I mean by that is it's no good doing what I did at first and belting up the steepest incline I could find, only to collapse in a heap after about 2 reps....much better for me to find more gentle inclines or speedwork that's just below threshold pace and keep on repeating them (with appropriate recovery) until kn*ckered....

    Good luck with your half route - a very sensible plan - which race are you doing?
  • Yes, which half, QQ? Hope you enjoy the recce, and your new toy :o)

    I remember you now, kozzie! I'm sure it won't be long before you're blasting chunks off that 10k PB.

    I've done something funny to a tendon just above my right ankle. I suspect I tweaked it on Wednesday night when I was belaying for my friend whom I didn't realise was about 15kg heavier than me, because it only started to hurt after the run I did afterwards. I don't think it's anything serious but will take things easy between now and Sunday.
  • HI

    I'm doing Macclesfield Half - which was actually my first real race having started running last year. It's quite hilly but v. scenic and I really enjoyed the feeling having got to the top of the hill at 12 miles knowing it was 1 nile downhill to the finish - I'm sure you've all had it!!

    Hope your ankle improves Vrap. Climbing is something I(naively) really fancy doing having had a couple of goes up a wall at Centre Parcs! ( I know it's not the same as the Hillary Step). It gave me a real buzz but I also remember every muscle aching for days afterwards! You never know, the enforced pre race rest may be just what you need !
  • I'm not a huge indoor-climbing enthusiast and would rather be scrambling on real rock, but being able to belay for the kids will be useful, and it's the only way to learn proper climbing skills in Brum.

    After posting last night, I went out for a run and am pleased to report that I am now the sort of dinosaur who can say "I'm going to do 5 miles" and be back in under 40 minutes. Two seconds under, but it's a barrier broken (along with being my first-ever proper run at an average of sub-8-minute miling). My ankle twinged a bit but didn't get any worse.

    Rest day today, definitely, apart from the climbing :o)
  • Hey V'rap sounds like a great run last night. Well Done ! ( does quick sum in head) A sub 50 10k is definate possibility now ? no? Obviously depends on the day but you must be feeling positive. Good Luck .. I'll look forward to hearing about how you go.

    Well I ran the Macc Half course this am and (after first 30 mins) felt ok. Really pleased to run it in about the same time as last year's race... so hopefully with a bit more prep, some pre race rest, loads of carbs and a strong following wind will go faster on race day. Definately will not be running sub 8 minute miles though !!!

  • Swansea 1, Bradford nil !! Sod running tomorrow, I'm off out on the beer tonight!!!

    Good luck for eveyone's runs tomorrow, I will be thinking of you all, whatever time I wake up ;)
  • That's brilliant, QQ. I'm sure the race day atmosphere will carry you to a good PB :o)

    Good result, RD?

    Climbed and belayed for two hours this afternoon. It's a long time since my arms have looked as pumped as they do now.

    Tomorrow's going to be more stressful than it might have been. I was expecting my children's father to be looking after them this weekend, but he's feeling a bit off-colour and doing the putting-myself-first thing. Yes, I'm unsympathetic! But knowing that the kids are waiting for me will be a good incentive to finish quickly.

    I am not even thinking about sub-50!
  • Excellent result v.rap.....hic!

    Have a lovelt time with your children tomorrow. Sub 50 definately on.

    My hangover is about tostart!
  • Mornin !

    Hope you're not feeling too rough RD ! presumably a v. good night ?.

    It's a beautiful day for a race up here , hope It's the same in Lichfield.
    I agree There's nothing like the kiddies cheering you on to make you go faster! Hope you enjoy yourself Vrap..

    Anyone else racing/ running today ? Perhaps wait for the headache to clear before you go RD!. I thought I may go for a gentle recovery run later if is still nice.
  • Morning all!
    I've probably missed the opportunity now to say 'Good Luck' to V-rap for today's 10k - from your training times, it sounds like you will do really well. Am v impressed with all the climbing stuff too - that must be brilliant cross training!

    Hope the hangover isn't too bad RD? Sorry about the footie...

    Well, fancy that QQ!! My next half is the Congleton half on 8th Oct. I lived in Macc for about 17 years before migrating South. The only reason I'm not doing Macc (apart from the hills of course) is that I have organised a group from work to do a 10k in Hyde Park that day...

    I did a hill session yesterday 10 reps - not nice at all - so am planning a slow 7 miles or so today....just as soon as this pot of coffee is finished....honest...
  • You were all right.

    I was wrong.

    47.50 :oD :oD :oD

    It was one of those races where everything just came together at the same time. A pleasant day (if a little TOO warm), a beautifully-organised race, a course with just the right amount of undulation, bouncy legs and a co-operative brain. If anything, my cardiovascular fitness was the limiting factor.

    I started off thinking "This is quite laborious - hope it starts to feel easier soon." When I went through the first (mostly downhill) mile in 7.17, I realised why it felt like hard work.

    The kids all did the 3k fun run and are delighted with their medals.

    Windsor half in 2 weeks. I've been thinking "sub-2", but I'm going to aim for sub-1.55. I haven't done enough long runs to be confident about what I can do beyond 8 miles at the moment, though I plan to do a 12-miler between now and then.
  • Velociraptor: awesome stuff. Congratulations. That's great news, especially with the weather being pretty warm today.
  • Thanks, funkin :o)

    The heat today wasn't a big problem for me - I'm not carrying a lot of ballast, which helps.

    Time to start getting some distance in now!
  • Fantastic Vrap . Well done to you !!!! So glad it all came together for you.

    Sounds like you all had a fab day. Fun runs for the kiddies - always a bonus ! Tho mine at 3 and 5 aren't quite up to 3k yet.

    Windsor in 2w.... I would definately go for sub 1'55 or even slightly quicker . Sounds like we run at similar pace (my PB for 10k is 48:12 and I managed 1:49:33 for very flat Half course) On your current form anything's possible !
  • OK, todays run... Went to Richmond park with Mrs Funkin (who's recently started running) and did (in my opinion, not hers) a very gentle 2.65 miles (35 minutes, just over 13 minute mile pace) in the beautiful sunshine. I then left her to head back to the car and get a cup of tea and read my Runners World magazine (those were my orders!!), whilst I went off from where we had go to and completed a circuit of the park.

    I ran for a further hour, covering 6.1 miles giving me a 9:51 pace for this part.

    Todays total run was around 8.7 miles. Close to the 10 I need to do in the Cabbage Patch 10 next month.

    Now for the maths bit.... I also took the HRM with me and my average was 137 (max 157). Now, when I did a reasonable paced run the other day I was up to 182bpm in my interval fast sprints.

    If that (182) is my max BPM (out of curiosity, when I used to do spin classes at the gym I'd get up to about 188), then 75 percent of 182 is 136.5, meaning that I was going at around 75 percent of my max (is that right?).

    Now, after all of that, is this pace too fast for an easy run (it sure didn't feel fast)?

    Any comments most welcome. (PS. I may go to the gym treadmill this week and try and find out what my real max HR is).
  • Hi

    Not having taken delivery of my garmin yet I'm afraid the heart rate stuff is still an unknown quantity to me. That said I read in this months issue of RW that long slow runs should be run at a pace 2 minutes/ mile slower than target race pace, suggesting a correspondingly low heart rate. I'm sure that's absolutely correct but I think I'd find it very difficult to run that much slower than usual and I can't quite get my head round the idea that running at that pace will ever make you go faster!

    Ah but I have a lot to learn!.

    Kozzie , small world eh? A 10k in Hyde park sounds fun and good prep for Congleton the next week. I presume you have run Macc in prev years ?
  • Funkin, I'm not a HRM expert (I don't even know my own RHR, never mind my max or any percentages thereof), but that heart rate looks fine for an easy run and if it felt very comfortable then I can't see that you overdid things.

    QQ, thanks :o) I'm still trying to get used to the idea of being a sub-8-minute miler rather than a plodder. But I've broken out of my comfort-zone in that this was one of the first races in which I was going too fast to do more than grin at the marshalls rather than chatting to them.

    Depending on how things are going by then, I may ask my Resident Speedy Person to pace me to 8-minute miles at Windsor. At the moment that feels a little too optimistic!
  • Well done V.rap, I am really chuffed for you. You certainly aint a plodder! That is a really good time.

    Bet you dont stop smiling all week :)
  • Evening all. Fingers crossed for FLM 07 entry. Rejected last 2 years. 37yo now. Can do 6.2 hilly route in 43.50,and did the Dundee 13.66 mile "half" in 1 hour 53, with the last 4 miles half walking,half plodding,due to my exuberance up the hilly first 3 miles of my 1st half in my home town. Currently run 6 miles on a Monday, then do walk,run,sprint laps of 2 football pitches on a Wednesday.Started at 12 laps, and add 1 every week, now at 19, managing to stay under 2 mins per lap. Fridays is now 8.6 miles. Tend to carry Tesco velcro 2.5lb ankle weights in each hand to geta workout when running with a slower neighbour.His knees are going so the long run will get longer. Hope also to break the 4 hour barrier if accepted.Desperate to run so what should I do regarding charity slots? Wait til December or act now ?
  • Hi, Little Stoker :o)

    If there's a charity you'd particularly like to run for, I'd suggest you register your interest without delay. If you get a place in the ballot, you can still run for them but without the same fundraising pressure as your would have if you ran on one of their tickets.

    I've just done a recovery run that was so slow the Garmin started counting backwards. I blame the weather. It was quite nice to go out and do 9.45-minute miles and know I was doing that speed because that was the speed I ought to be doing, not because I couldn't go any faster.
  • Two minutes slower than race pace! My long slow runs would take all day.
  • Indeed, HRR. But the pace should be sustainable all day, and as your speed increases overall the pace of your LSRs will get faster too.
  • sorry to butt in, but are you saying you should run 2 mins slower pace than your projected marathon pace, which for a 3.59 race would be 9mins making it then 11 mins ? Or 2 mins slower than normal run pace ? Dont people laugh if you "run" that slow that walkers go past you ? Whats the benefit, as surely me trying to stretch 8.6 miles to 10 then 13 etc at current pace is more beneficial to lungs and legs and confidence ? Or at 11 min pace, should I be aiming to rattle off a much longer distance and "bank" the benefit of being on the go for say over 2 hours ? Maybe thats what let me down in the Dundee half?
  • LS, the accepted wisdom is that long slow runs (not ALL your runs!) should be run at 2 minutes per mile slower than your projected marathon pace.

    Like you, I find it quite difficult now to imagine running mile after mile at 11-minute-miling. Today's run was a recovery run (which I think it's OK to do at 90s slower than intended race pace, though I could be mistaken) and the race I'm actually training for now is a half-marathon which I'd like to do at around 8-minute miling, so ... excuses, excuses!

    The main benefit of the slower pace is that you run within your aerobic zone and it provides better cardiovascular training. It's also easier to sustain for longer, and there's a lot of psychological benefit to be had from learning to be out on your feet for three hours at a time. And it IS possible to do long training runs at 11-minute-miling but race a marathon at 9-minute-miling, provided you include some shorter, sharper runs or structured speedwork in your schedules.
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