Runner terrified motorist

I did it!! I was being heckled most unpleasantly on Sunday by a small black Fiat driver who had two small children in the back. he slowed right down and crawled along beside me (thank goodness it was in town), rolled down the window and started with the 'fancy a f***' 'Nice piece of ass' and blowing kisses. I stopped, pulled out a stub of pencil specially put in my bum bag and a scrap of paper and made to note his car numberplate. He actually stopped and got out of his car - I won't describe the state of my bowels at this moment. 'Wot you f***ing doin' he asked in his best local dialect. 'I'm noting your number to report you to the police for kerbcrawling, sexual harrassment and threatening behaviour'. i replied, managing to keep the tremble from my voice.
"Sh**. It was just a bit of fun" was his response before getting back into his car and driving off at high speed.
It took several minutes before i could unglue my feet from the pavement and persuade my legs to walk towards home.
Fine example for his children was my main thought when my brain started working again. I didn't manage to take his full numberplate, but i'll pass it on to a running mate who is a copper and see if he can pay a visit in the line of duty. Hopeuflly that is one driver that won't be hassling runners again.
Not sure if i could be that brave again, though.
I've nearly stopped trembling.


  • Dangly Spice --- Oh My God!!! Anything could have happened to you!! I'm really glad you are okay. But seriously, you should ignore stuff like this I mean, I think to make to note the number down was a good ploy but also imagine if he'd just grabbed you or something!! Women have to ignore this rubbish and like you said, it was hardly good educational fodder for his children. But also , think about this - imagine the embarrassment of the driver when the kids get home they say "Mummy, Daddy was in an argument with a lady because he said.....". Far more effective I reckon than a visit from the coppers :)
  • Well done for having the gumption but thank god he just got back into his car and drove off. Personally I would write down the number when they've driven off because there are some complete nutters out there

    Why do these people have to be so unpleasant

    Any views Homer Hart, I believe you're a bobby
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Crikey Dangly you were lucky nothing bad happened. Part of me wants to applaud you for having a go but the other half says that it was not a good thing to do - as Cath said, anything could have happened.

    Good idea to take down his number but please be wary of confronting a looney like that in future. Sadly, we girls have to be extra careful.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    What an awful experience Dangly. I'm glad you are ok. There really are some complete morons around. God help his poor children if they have that as an influence!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I hope his wife is in when the policeman comes around for his wee chat!

    Well done for your bravery - it's similar to what I have rehearsed in my mind often, but doubt I would ever have the nerve to do. I'm sure you are fast enough to outrun the kind of lout that would do that kind of thing in the first place, but be careful, please!
  • Hey well done! Wish I had 1. the pencil/paper and 2.the balls to do that!
  • Blimey
    well done Dangly Spice - very brave of you - not sure I would have had the courage to act the way you did.. Yet another example of the moronic attitude we have to face when going about our own business. Hope his kids drop him right in it.

    Dumpling :)
  • Once again, I fail completely to understand how people think it is even remotely appropriate to behave in this way! What is going on in their heads?!!

    Respect is due, DS, for being so brave. I could not have done that.

  • Nice one. Small black Fiat and a partial numberplate match - every chance of tracing the b*st*rd via the PNC I'd have thought.

    Well done.
  • Well done DS!!! If we were all as courageous as you, then perhaps those low-lifes would think twice before proving their complete idiocy.

  • Well done DS. I am glad you are alright and nothing happened to you. Please keep us posted as to what your copper mated does/ thinks about it.

    I can not believe that people think this sort of behaviour is acceptable. It is bad enough that this guy thought this was acceptable behaviour, but in front of kids!!!

    Please be careful DS, and all you girls out there, I know you can take care of yourselves but don't take any risks (and no I am not being patronising, I just can not express what I am feeling any other way).

    The forum would miss you.

  • The mentality of some people! I applaud your self control. I think I'd have giving in to the trembling bottom lip... Pity the children.
  • Thanks for all your support - it was actually reading the 'take his numberplate' bits i've read on previous bits that made me carry the bit of pencil and paper - i would never be able to remember a number plate in my head. However, having this one experience has put me off EVER attempting it again. My imagination has worked overtime since the incident with 'what if...'scenarios.
    I haven't seen my mate who is a PC runner and as time is passing, i'm beginning to feel that i probably won't pass on the details - just hope the bloke in the Fiat is sweating and waiting for the knock on the door, and as several of you mentioned - hope his kids drop him in it.
    I'm as much a coward as anyone really.
  • You did the right thing Dangly Spice. OK, you took a calculated risk but let's say for a moment he had tried to attack you, you could probably run faster than him and he may not have pursued leaving his kids in the car (then again, concern for his kids was clearly not at the top of his mind).
    These people need challenging, whilst not taking ridiculous risks ourselves. Hope you do follow it up, he should be made to feel embarrassed and ashamed in front of his family.
    Finally, sorry you had to deal with this and it's not surprising you're getting some 'aftershocks' now. Agression and harrassment is ugly.
    I was once out running with some friends when we apparently crossed the road in a way which enraged a passing van driver. He stopped, got out and started swearing f***** bitches etc. I was all for ignoring it but my friend who's very assertive said: 'Pardon, I find your language very offensive and some women would find it threatening. We've taken the name of your van down and will be contacting your boss.' As luck would have it I knew the name on his van was a company a colleague's partner was a director for. We were hugely satisfied to learn that the driver had been pulled in front of his boss and told in no incertain terms that if this happened again he would lose the van!
  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    Respect DS.

    Balancing the fury with the brain dead with the common sense of not endangering yourself is a tricky one. Well done.
    Hope the police prosecute and name/shame the git.
  • Well done Dangly and I'm sorry you had such a scary experience.

    It's right that people should advise caution but I think as it was a built up area you were taking a calculated risk and it was a brave but not foolhardy thing to do. We've got to stand up to these people.

    Don't tortue yourself with what ifs. You were very brave, you're a hero!

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