Nissan 10K

Im dong the Nissan 10k on 27th August and was just wondering if anyone is doing it or has done it before?



  • Never done it before but if it starts on their sports field and the route goes around those roads i bet its pretty grim scenery. No fancy for this one myself
  • It's the first race so no one has done it before :>}
  • Did Darlington last week and got a PB - so I thought I'd try this one - this should be as flat as a pancake as well.

    Taking wife and toddler - face painting, bouncy castle etc. should keep them quiet (and I can get a mark in the good books as it counts as a family outing!!)
  • Hello all

    I wont be there for the first running of this event(away in blackpool for one of the lads stag weekends)!!

    As an employee of Nissan i can tell you this will be a well organised race.Theres loads to do for the family while the grown ups are running around the factory.Theres a kiddies fun run and a 5k run before the 10k.The route is flat as a pancake,traffic free,the roads are very wide so loads of leg room!! If people dont get pbs on this course id be very surprised.
    A couple of weeks ago nissan had its family day from the sports and social club where the HQ of the run starts.About 2/3k people turned up and the event went off very smooth.Theres ample free parking with changing,showers and a cheap pint in the bar afterwards in the sports and social club.
    Hope you all enjoy the run and the day.
    All the best.
  • Hiya!

    Just to say if you pop over to the Northern Social thread there are a few of us doing it on Sunday!

    I am glad it is flat although know my time will be pathetic!

    Hope to see you there!

    Princess No.616
  • Z

    I got a PB at Darlo too

    Anyone up for the Kielder 10k on 3rd Sept?
  • hi
    anyone know where the results will be posted?
  • Well what do you think?

    Not as big a turn out as I expected, too many races in the summer?...October might have beena better choice.

    Apart from the headwind on the back straight, a good PB course. My best 10k time for a very long time

    Thanks Chester
  • Have to agree with OOK,no where near as many people turned out as i was expecting. I thought for sure more fast lads would of jumped at the chance of a flat course to knock out a pb. Do you think the weather put them off,it was fairly windy,i'm glad i wasn't running,lol.
  • What was the turnout? I thought it would be a big field as well.
  • I was there too. Enjoyed it and got a PB. It was windy, but I think the fact that they put wind turbines there should have given us a clue!
  • It wasn't that well publicised - if I hadn't found it on RW' website then I would never have known about it......

    I was also surprised that the turnout was low - particularly the 'fast lads' who you see at every NE race. I suppose that the field will grow next year as it becomes more widely known.

    I went off too fast at start, flagged from lack of water at the middle and the wind didn't help. Despite that I matched my Darlington time. I'm returning next year for Nissan 2007 - a good PB beckons I think!!!
  • Results :
  • Only 230 official finishers in the 10k
  • Finisher 230rd calls into the thread.....

    does anyone know if there are race pictures floating about from the event and where they can be found!
  • ooops make the 230th don't know where my brain was when I postd this morning!
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