Achilles pain caused by shoes rubbing

I've changed from my beloved Asics 1090 recently to Asics 1110, on advice of running shop (and there's no chance of finding the 1090s any more!) and my left achilles tendon is aching like mad.

I've had a week's rest, thinking it was just very tight after recent v.long run, did the icing/elevating routine and it was better until I put my shoes on yesterday to do a short run. I think it could just be that the shoe is rubbing against the tendon.

So, is it ok to carry on with a grimace on my face, or do I need to take it more seriously?

Ta x


  • Don't run if its sore, you will regret it!
    Better to wait until it is completely healed before you run on it. I had this a few weeks ago and was out for four weeks (very frustrating) - and it only hurt when I put my running shoes on. I got lots of deep tissue massage and bought new running shoes and it has been fine since.

    I think you should take the 1110's back to the running shop and tell them they gave you the wrong shoes.
  • :( That's all bad news! I wish I could afford to get a lovely sports massage because I know it would help all my niggles at the moment, but bit skint.

    Thanks for the advice FlipFlop - that's what I'm wearing right now and all is fine!
  • A Princess ... there was a thread yesterday (can't remember the title) from somebody from London who was looking for volunteers as he/she is completing their massage qualification (I think)

    I'd have a nosy back through and see if you can find it!
  • Ah, that's a good idea stumpy! I will have a look, thanks.
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