Evaporated vs Condensed milk

Due to supreme stupidity I used evaporated milk instead of condensed milk in a chocolate cake recipe - will it taste the same?

I have never made this cake before or used these ingredients before so I don't know if it will affect the cake.

As a side note this was not my fault as the cans were identical just different sizes with small small writing on it. :-(


  • it's for my flatmates birthday - five of us will be eating it so hopefully I won't have too much.

    Of course I've still got to make the butter icing :-D
  • They're completely different, but your chocolate cake will probably be OK anyway because chocolate cake usually is :o)
  • I've made a second cake with the correct ingredients so the proper one will go to the restaurant and I'll take the original one into work.

    They did look different. Sigh, what a stupid mistake to make.
  • save me a piece of each to test :)
  • if it's got choc & sugar in, who cares?
  • First one looks like it hasn't risen properly - but tastes good, very moist. I think it will be good with strawberries and double cream :-D

    Second one it twice the height and cooling in my bedroom, as my flatmate finishes work at 5pm.

    House now smells of a strange mixture of chocolate cake and peach air freshener. I'm very disapointed to have to hide the yummy cake smell.
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