• BENZ!!!
  • what
  • Its only that deano bloke
    Its all quite normal for him!
  • just thought you might fancy it ;o)

    good way to get a lot closer to the 100 in a relatively short space of time
  • Im not DERANGED you know
    10 in 10 weeks is bad enough
    or whatever it is i am doing
  • PH, I am not worthy. You go girl.

    After my first marathon I decided that I'd stick to HMs, 'cause the pain down the side of my left leg in those last couple of miles seemed to be my body's way of saying "STOP NOW YOU MORON".

    But but but.... judging by this guy Karnazes, and by Ranulph Feinnes when he did his 7 in 7 days, maybe you really can train your body (and mind) to just keep on going. Or maybe *some* people can.

    Hm, wonder how much of it is down to mind and much is down to body?

    Whaddya reckon PH?

  • apparently some crazy Germans do 12 in 12 days for the 12 days of Christmas
  • Ah yes, this would be the famous Mr Karnazes who WIlliam beat by a good few hours at Badwater.
    We were leapfrogging his support crew for a while and there's a photo on the Badwater website just behind him (DK) as he's stood sponging himself.
    Strangely he didn't hang aroudn for the post race do and didn't look us in the eye in the hotel lobbey on his way out.
    His support crew were friendly enough though.
  • http://www.badwater.com/2006web/shows/2006showCK06/pages/DSC_4.html

    DK is#99, William is #52. I'm next to him with the green tray with a sponge soaked in ice water, a hat with a pocket with ice, a bandana to go round his nexk with ice rolled up in it. A fresh water bottle and he's drinking his Complan which he took every half hour. We did all this on the move and then drove ahead a mile to repeat!!
  • Hammie
    you NAME DROPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jane-it certinaly aint physical
    I am not at all fit
    Its mind over matter , for sure
  • Tim
    you look like you are carrying a bucket of cleaning materials!
  • pah - he ought to try a Decaman - 10 Ironman race distances - so swim 24 miles, bike 1120 miles and run 262 miles (10 maras) - all within 14 days.........

  • I love that pic UH - even when he's sponging himself down the ripped abs are on show!
  • When I ran my first marathon I met a guy who was running 52 that year then I met him again at Harrow a few years later when he ran his 400th.

    The bucket of cleaning materials meant William didn't stop.
    DKs crew wheeled the ice box over to his side of the road and left him to it. We walked back to meat William and ran back to the car with him so at that point we'd parked behind DKs crew and left before them.

    Rob, I didn't notice his abs. We pretended we had no idea who he was even though the organisors were making quite a fuss over him. Well, he has won it a few times.
    He's not a bad runner really, he's run for USA at the world 24 hour champs but wasn't their best runner.
  • Haha love the photo, Hamster. The expression on his face...
  • I love that you pretended not to know who he was!
  • He's not a bad runner, and if he manages this it'll be a fine achievment. But he does seem to, ahem, like himself just a little!

    That said, I couldn't do it!
  • well, he has got a nice body
  • My fave ultra runner is Topher Gaylord anyway!
  • Those are ripped abs? Haha, do me a favour.

    I'd be bored ####less doing this. Is it possible for anyone to love running so much that 1300 miles in 50 days would be enjoyable????
  • I dont think you are supposed to enjoy it

    deano says he switches off doing it
  • Ahem, I quote from the aforementioned article:

    '"I've had a couple of jaws drop," he said. "I really don't consider myself to be gifted in any sort of way ... I just really love to run."'

    If you're not supposed to enjoy something you do of your own free will in your own time, then why the slip do you do it?

    It's like visiting the dentist every day for 3 months just to test the limits of human pain. It wouldn't be laudable, just plain stupid.
  • well

    i dont enjoy it at the time
    but i enjoy some of the after
    and if i DONT
    i feel terrible
  • You have to go through X minutes of pain just to enjoy Y minutes of it afterwards? It begs the question "why?"

    Wouldn't you be better off shagging all day for 50 days running to test the limits of human endurance (and actually enjoy what you're doing at the same time).
  • B
    thats an idea
    but i havent shgeed in nearly 3 years]wouldnt know what to do;)
  • Get on your knees girl and I'll show yer!

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