Open Water Swim in Essex

Hi Guys + Gals,

If any of you are based in / around Halstead/Braintree/Sudbury area a fellow triathlete Graham Perks from Essex Police Tri has arranged with Gosfield Lake for Open Water swims.

It is £4 each weekends between 06:00 and 08:00 with the first session to be held this Sunday 20th August 2006.

Idela for those who either don't want to travel done to Heron Lake at that time of the morning or are not ready for the Sea Swims yet!

Graham is hoping to get there just before 06:00 to open the gates.

Hope to see some of you there!!


  • Based in Witham will let our guys know.
  • Hoping to get a few of my crew from Witham area down there, he's been in touch with one of my club mates, so I'm putting the word around.

    If enough people go, we may be able to use the facility next year.
  • I got an email from Graham due to doing the Braintree Tri.

    Thought this was the best way of getting the info 'out there'.

    Hopefully we can get enough bods together to keep it a regular event.
  • Not near Essex myself but always useful to know more OW swim venues.

  • Not that I'm planning on doing it, but why so very very early?
  • The venue is usually used for water skiing and this is the first time that swimming has been allowed (if at all asked for!).

    I think they are hoping that as we are mad enough to do it we will be mad enough to get up at obscene hours!!

    More seriously i think they don't want us to interrupt there normally full schedule of water skiing events.
  • Yes, water skiers and swimmers don't really mix well in the same body of water!
  • That is great to know. I'm a member of Blackwater tri at Maldon and I'm sure our members will be interested to hear of this.
    I could have done with this about 3 months ago for training for a certain event down in Sherborne this weekend, still, toooo late now.

  • Yep. Suspect I will be making use of this as it's not too far from where I plan to move to!

    Not sure if I am ready for an open water swim on 20th August as I am a newbie to Tri but am seriously beginning training for a big'un next year!

    What's the process for finding out about more open water swimming weekends in the future?

    RED ALERT! Apologies if this is a silly question. Does one need a wetsuit to swim or is a swimming coz adequate. Unsure if there is a general code of practise?
  • Usually wetsuits are required if water temp under 20. Which in the UK is most of the time!!

    However, if you are brave/stupid (no sure which) enough you can swim without.

    I have done a sea swim with just my tri suit and the guy i swim with (due to an unfortunate accident) swims every week without one!

    So where are you planning to move to? And when?
  • OOPS!!

    It is not due to an unfortunate accident that i swim with him but more the fact that he swims without a wetsuit due to an unfortunate accident! Haha

  • Herts but not sure when. I would consider travelling from where I currently live to the Water however so it isn't totally dependant on me moving.

    I need to buy a wetsuit hence the reason for the question and wasn't planning on doing so until later in the year as I thought that open water swimming would be a no go until next year.
  • You could always look at hiring a wetsuit to start with ( that way you can get a good feel for the sizing as well).

    53.12 in colchester is due to reopen (after a fire) on the Bank Holiday weekend and they hire out wetsuits. You could ring the owner Ed on 01206 505011 (currently diverted to a mobile). They are a specialist triathlon shop and very very helpful.
  • There's also Roydon Mill (Herts/Essex border) where you can do open water swimming.

    Whereabouts in Herts are you moving Waaabit?
  • It seems this facility may be available until the end of September and they're trying to get from mid-May next year too!

    There was about 20-30 of us down there yesterday.
  • Couldn't swim yesterday (as had other arrangements later in the day) but looked a lovely venue and I felt very jealous of those that were able to get in!!

    If we can keep up that level of support it will be a cracking venue - especially for next season (see if they can open the cafe for tea and bacon butties for afters!!)
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