Hi there. ill be 20 in march.
Everythime I run or even jog i feel horrible. I just jogged not even half a block and my own mother said i looked like i had a fever. I've felt like this since 97. I feel like i need to vomit, and my upper chest hurts when i breath.
I dont know what to do. I dont have med insurance so i cant consult a doctor. Any help or advice? anyone know what this could be? ty. Cess


  • Are you really 'jogging' or running v fast?
    Do you/could you have asthma?
    If you are in the UK you can consult a dr without med insurance.

    I would get checked out with your GP.

  • Could be exercise induced asthma - get to a GP, assuming you're in Britain. If not then I don't know what to suggest - I don't know other countries' medical systems well enough.
  • I live in the US. whats a GP?
    I dont believe that i have athsma, I dont have a shortness of breath. its almost if i have the complete opposite of a shortness of breath. like if i take a deep breath it hurts and makes me want to cough alot.
  • Hello Shaun. It could be a number of different things and it's impossible to speculate on a forum like this. Anyway, I'm no expert so it's not worth me guessing. I think you should see a doctor. Surely, even in the US, there must be a basic level of diagnostic care that is funded for the general public? Is it really not possible for you to see any doctor?

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