Osgood Schlatters Disease

Can anybody offer any suggestions on the relief of OSD. I had it as a 13-15 year old in both knees and recently my right knee has become sore again due to road running - I am now 28. I am hoping to train enough to run the FLM 2003 and don't want this condition to hinder my progress.


  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    My OSD totally disappeared by the time I was 17. Fortunately I have only the tiniest lump in my right knee to remind me which leg it was.

    Are you sure it's OSD related ? I was under the impression that once the bones had fully formed at 18; the fragmented bone/cartilage which caused the condition should no longer be a problem.

    If you're fairly new to running it could just be an over-training problem. I'm interested to hear what other former sufferers have experienced. Fingers crossed it's nothing serious.
  • Cheers Scotty

    I have made an appointment to see my doctor on Monday so I will ask him. It feels very tender to kneel on. I have been running for years but have recently stepped up the distance from the occasional 6 miler and frequent 3 miler to regular 6 and 8 mile runs.

    Incidentally did you play alot of football as a child? Ithink that caused the problem when I was younger.
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭

    Just after posting my reply I checked out a couple of sights on OSD which did suggest that it can affect you into adulthood and in particular making kneeling down difficult. I've never thought about it until now; but I do actually avoid kneeling, probably for that reason (doh!).

    I hated football at school because I was so crap at it. My Osgood's injury came from vaulting over a horse (the wooden variety) and banging my knee. Couldn't walk properly for several days after and had a sensative knee for the next 3 years.

    Still...it's got to be one of the more interesting sounding injuries to have had. I remember comparing knee lumps with three fellow sufferers at a party once !!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I had OSD as a young teenager too (less prevalent in girls, but still quite a few cases) and still have a noticeable lump on both knees. I have always found kneeling uncomfortable.

    I do get an ache below the knees after a long run, or a long hillwalk, as if the muscle/ligament just below the kneecap was being pulled hard. However, it doesn't seem to get worse with additional training, and in fact is probably better now that I have increased my mileage.

    It sounds as if your problem may not be related to OSD, but your GP should be able to tell you more.
  • I think mine was caused by the footy because I played at every opportunity as a kid causing the tibia to grow un naturally large. There were no fragments as far as I know though. Like you both say - it could be unrelated - I'll see what the doc says - Cheers

    ps - I went to school with two other male sufferers - both footy nutters aswell

    Must bring it up at my next party -That could get rather gruesome as people start to whip out their war wounds!
  • My osd meant that I spent 2 months of my teens in palster from toe to the top of my leg and left me with a sizeable lump on my knee.
    I dont have problems kneeling but I have wondered if it plays a part in my now adult susceptability to injury.
  • I too had OSD as a pre-teen caused by cthletics training four times a week plus meetings at the weekend. I was in hip to ankle plaster for two months like Calamity Jane, and then spent a further two months in physio. I had a big lump on the knee, which used to get worse if I overdid it playing sports. As an adult, the lump is minimal and I have no further problems with the knee. My problem is my back....but that's another story!
  • Like Calamity Ive often wondered how related my running injuries are to having OSD when I was 11 and my unusual gait(see Lopsided thread!).Does the kind of treatment you were given play a part? I also had my leg in plaster for months.
    Has anyone else wondered about the connection?
  • partner had OSD as teenager as described by others. Still has severe pain when kneeling and major swelling when skiing. she won't (period!) risk running.

    X-rays have shown bone fragments floating around in the joints. could be removed by elective surgery but doesn't trust surgeons on knees - too delicate. have you had any recent X-rays Macca?
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