Little toe joint

On the 3rd of this month I turned sharply at the 5k point of a 10k run and the left hand side of my left foot started to hurt.

It wasn't that bad at the time so I carried on for another 5k but as soon as I stopped I knew it was more than an ache and struggled to walk on it at all.

There was no bruising or swelling and by iceing my foot in a bucket of water regulary for the next 5 days it felt good enough to run on again.

So stupidly the first time I ran on it was in a 5k race, I managed a pb in the race but couldn't jog the 2k back home as it hurt so much, although it wasn't as bad as when it first happened it was still painful.

Its now 14 days since I first hurt it and I havn't chanced running on it again, its just a dull ache now in the joint just behind the little toe, trouble is Merthyr 10k is on Sunday which I'm very tempted by.

But if its something I could make a lot worse and make it into something long term then I obviously don't want to do it, any ideas ?



  • I have not had, or heard of, this injury before.

    I think you know the answer:
    If you do the 10k it could be a lot worse again, and you may not finish, but it would make medical history if it killed you. It's your choice.

    If it wasn't for the race, I would say get out there, find some nice soft mud, jog about on it, and see how it goes.
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