Rother Valley Trail 6

I know there's a few runners on here who train at Rother Valley so who's up for this one?

Can anyone advise of the route?


  • I did this last year and train regularly in Rother Valley. It starts out with more or less a lap around the large lake (all flat), then you go "off-road" uphill on a narrow trail for about a mile, back down a short steep path, a lap around the nature reserve (all flat) and back!.
    I enjoyed it but then i love running around Rother Valley anyway.
  • rother valley is the bane of my life i find it so boring, just do my 6 mile time trails on there. its normally full of idiots when i go on there
  • If your 6 miles is twice around the main lakes, then i would agree with you in that it would get a bit boring.
    I tend to go in & out of Rother Valley through several entrances/exits, up the "ski slope", around the nature reserve, and along the long flat "back path" which runs from Beighton to Renishaw.
  • do it there as its a fixed distance and can compare times plus its flat.
  • jason - any descriptions of the idiots? You know, club vests that kind of thing.

    Can't say that I go round the lake often (apart from the races). Usually it's part of a long run on marathon training.
  • Description of the idiots:

    Both male and female, some wearing club vests but by no means all of them. One thing they all seem to have in common though is that they get up early on Sundays (sometimes a Saturday) and they go RUNNING.

    Can you believe such idiots.

    God, I hate runners. Always beating me in races, smiling cheerily as they pass.

    That's another thing. What's that all about????

  • no the idiots sit there in there cars playing there music loud and shouting abuse when i go running past, and the others walking dogs who shout he wont hurt you and then the dog chase you for a mile.lso hate the dogs on extendable leads they are leathel.
  • Muzzy - you do cheer me up in the morning (not every morning folks, just this morning).

    Jason - yeh, I understabd about the guys in the mobile disco vehicles, although I haven't had any abuse.
    By the time I get to RV I've done about 8+ miles then it's another 3 round the lake & 8+ miles back. By the time I'm figuring my way round the cyclists & dog walkers I don't want to use more energy on negative thoughts.
    Last weekend I was running through woods (a different location) when a scotty terrier (dog) ran away from me as I was passing its owner (& therefore away from its owner too). Each time I got anywhere near the dog it shot off again & eventually disappeared from view. I could hear the guy shouting & whistling for quite a while. I suppose they were reunited at some point but I wondered if he thought it might be a good idea to keep the thing on a lead in future.
  • There are a lot of divs at RV at the weekend if the weather is OK but I tend to try to train there early in the morning before the chavs have woken up.

    Dogs are a nightmare though, I've lost count of how many have gone for me! Maybe we could run with weapons and attack any irresponsible owners? I would love that! It would be even better if we say "oh, he won't hurt you" to the owner as another runner snarls at them....

    Rother Valley in the morning is the most fantastic run. Try it Jason!
  • You must have been unlucky you lot - i can't say i've had any problems running in and around Rother Valley; dogs can be a menace anywhere though!! - i tend to slow down and then they don't want to chase you as much.
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