Cardiff 10k

Just had my entry number for this race and they've sent me the tee shirt in advance. Should I ignore my conscience and wear it now, I could even not turn up and just wear it to impress my friends.

No, conscience has won, the tee shirt is neatly folded up in the bottom drawer and I'm off for a traing run.

Anyone else doing Cardiff or Swansea 10k's?



  • Hiya dragonbreath
    how conscientious of you, still waiting to earn my first race shirt will wear it with pride though.

    yeh im doing the swansea 10k sposed to be the fastest 10k in the country cos its so flat............could be good for a pb !!
  • I started my running quest at Swansea last year with a long 59 min. so this year looking forward to gauging how far I've improved.

    Bear in mind that while the course is flat (except for one 'hill' of about ten foot in thirty yards ) because its on the seafront and out and back, you might find a strong headwind to slow you down.

    Do you guys know Swansea ? How about meeting up on the seafront at the benches opposite the Patti pavilion ?

    Dragon Breathe there is a thread for Cardiff elsewhere in the forums . Good luck Sunday ..let us know how you get on.

  • good point george hadnt thought about the wind!! hope it's a still day then.
    this is my first 10k and im hoping for something around the 50 min mark. Its my home town too so something to prove. where's the hill? dont remember that u dont mean the dip in the cycle track do u ??

    delsrunner aka Fin
  • Just because the Swansea 10k is supposed to be the fastest in the country doesn't mean I'll be blazing any trails!

    Looking to break 50 mins for the first time in Swansea or Cardiff but I'm always relieved to finish.

    See you in Swansea you'll recognise me as the lost looking Newport boy!

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