High UK Prices

Does anyone else out there think we are being ripped off in the UK? Is there anything we can do it about (petition the manufacturers for example)?

I have just returned from a fantastic holiday in Japan. It is supposed to be expensive but I found that all running gear there is a fraction of the price it is here! I bought a couple of pairs of UK made New Balance shoes for less than half the price they sell for here. All other brands were also much cheaper.For example the Asics 2110 (2206 model) sells for between £30 and £35 in Japan but I've not seen them for less than £59 here in the UK.

Sorry for the whinge but I couldn't think of anyone else to moan about it too.


  • Yep but don't know what we can do about it. And it's not just running gear that's more expensive. ;o(
  • its bl00dy everything!
  • "the Asics 2110 (2206 model)"

    What do running shoes look like 200 years into the future?

    I've also noticed running gear to be rather expensive though.
  • they have little rockets in the back of them. however, standards of running have deteriorated overall during the last 200 years.
  • I got some cold weather gear in Decathlon yesterday which was pretty good value.
  • How much do people get paid in Japan though ?

    I doubt theres much you can do about it to be honest.
  • this also works in reverse.........some stuff that you or I would think is cheap in the UK, is very expensive in Japan........

    it's to do with transport costs and import tariffs (EU or UK) - that's what puts the prices up.......

    transport costs are unarguable in this context, import tariffs are there to help local manufacturers compete...........the fact we can't on many products mean we are then also at the mercy of the company making the goods and setting the prices as they can get away with what they like............within reason

    it's called a market economy

  • I though NB were made in UK? So how can they be cheaper overseas than here?
    or am i completely deluded about this?!
  • Aah but if Nike and co have to import from overseas and get hit by tariffs - that could mean that NB could make shoes cheaper in the UK than abroad. But why sell them for (say) half the price of the competition when they can get better profits at a higher price ?

    Just guessing though ?

    Its not just cost though is it - how much do people in various countries earn ? What other living costs are there ? Companies need to make a profit or they wont continue. I think it all evens out in the end.
  • I blame the government
  • Do they have Ebay in Japan?
  • Only prob with getting stuff from abroad Tequila is how much it will cost to ship it here and you have to remember you will probably get clobbered by customs. I bought a bracelet from Ebay in the US and customs charged me £17 which was pretty steep for something that cost less than £30!!
  • True - was said rather tongue in cheek!
    Did that include VAT as well?
    You can always check the duty on HM tarif website.
  • You know it never even occurred to me at the time that I'd have to pay a customs charge. Either hadn't bought anything from o/seas before or had just been lucky.
  • £17 is still very high though, as for most jewellery there is no duty payable, only VAT. That means you paid duty of over 30% which is extraordinary to say the least.
  • I'm told that, in Tokyo, the avarage salary is about £35k. It is lower in other areas of Japan. Apparently, the avaerage Uk salary is £23k. I guess its a case of charging what the market will bear and if we're prepared to pay £70-100 for running shoes then they'll keep on charging that for them. Good job I stocked up while I was away.
  • Deepdown - next time you go, let us all know and we can put in our order!
  • my mates off to florida in november, already put my order in for new trainers!
  • £70 for the Brooks Adrenaline 6
    £110 for Kayanos????
    Im sorry but I dont care how technical it is that is too expensive something thats made in an Asian sweatshop for pennys then costs us how much?

    At least Ben Turpin wore a mask
  • Should have checked it at the time Tequila - silly really.

    I know someone who lived in Japan and she said the cost of living was very high but then again it ain't cheap in London!
  • You very rarely get clobbered for duties when ordering from outside EU if for personal use as post office don't always bother. Sender should have marked it was a gift which would have asved you the money.
  • Agree Goldbeetle, unfortunately it's same for everything from footballs to kids shoes, underwear, sports shirts. Why do Primark sell stuff so cheap?!
  • It is ridiculous what we pay in the UK - for almost everything, and I don't think that our salaries are very high either.

    I try to buy my running shoes in the US and my other kit in Aldi or Lidl. I don't feel bad about playing the system if I can.

    I got a pair of Asics 2110 in the US for $65 last time - that is a huge saving over what they are here, and they are exactly the same shoe as far as I can make out.
  • Kazzaaaaah, i buy a lot of goods from Canada and the USA for work, sometimes we pay duty, sometimes we dont. I think it depends on the mood of the customs people!
  • "I don't feel bad about playing the system if I can"

    I think the guys bringing huge quantities of tobacco and booze in from France would agree with you there...........
  • southdownswolf - almost certainly! Part of my Dad's job was to go and inspect containers of goods when they came into the country and he had some horror tales about Customs. Like the time he saw them drill loads of holes in a very expensive antique table to check for contraband or the time they completely stripped a motorbike down while the owner was getting his paperwork checked and when the poor guy came out of the customs shed there was this pile of spare parts where his bike had been!!
  • Unfortunately Customs are a law unto themselves, and can do whatever they want. And take all the time in the world to do it.
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